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Future Orchards® – WA Demonstration Trial results


Future Orchards WA Front Line Adviser Susie Murphy-White recently completed two demonstration trials.

Susie’s bud dissection trial sampled a 5 year old block of Bravo trees at the Manjimup Horticulture Research station to identify the proportion of buds that were floral.

The report concluded that based on one season’s data, growers can expect bud fruitfulness (assessed by dissection in winter) to correlate to bloom potential in spring. If blocks have a low proportion of floral buds, then pruning can be altered to increase the number of flowers on trees. Increased flower numbers should increase cropping potential.

WA Future Orchards Trial Final Bud dissections 2020

Susie’s second demonstration trial investigated the impact of precision pruning with the objective of determining a bud load to optimize the number of fruit and reduce the time required for hand thinning.

WA Future Orchards Trial FINAL Pruning to bud numbers 2020

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