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Alena Swinbourne is the new Marketing Manager for apple and pears at Horticulture Innovation Australia.Alena has been at HIA for over ten years and has worked on marketing for a variety of commodities during that time.Alena attended the 2015 National Horticulture Convention in June and met APAL staff as well as the many apple and pear growers who were in attendance.
“After talking to a few growers I began to understand that there is an opportunity to increase the quality and quantity of communication that is currently being sent to the growers and industry on the marketing program,” Alena said.
“Transparency is also crucial. Moving forward I will aim to provide clear and concise information on all activities.”
Alena says she is really looking forward to working on the marketing of apples and pears and getting to know everyone within the industry.
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By: Alena Swinbourne

New HIA Marketing Manager for apples and pears, Alena Swinbourne, has hit the deck running and gives us a run down on the performance of the Aussie Apples and Australian Pears marketing campaigns and what we can look forward to next. 

Aussie Apples research results

Aussie Apples and Australian Pears promotions are part of a regular fruit tracking study, to measure the effectiveness of levy payers’ ongoing marketing and advertising investment.

The study also acts as a consistent and valuable measure into tracking top line attitudes and awareness of fruit-purchasing consumers. The recent results of this research into the Aussie Apples creative campaign has provided some interesting results.

The Aussie Apples media campaign involved 577 installations nationally, these were 100 per cent digital on a mix of smart screens, atrium banners and shopalites – all located within the consumers’ path to purchase. The respondents were asked if they recalled seeing the ‘Refresh Yourself’ creative campaign where a young female takes a bite of an Aussie Apple followed by water rushing through her body implying that she is being refreshed.

Unfortunately only four per cent recalled seeing the advertisement. Moreover, this was a prompted ad recall where the participants are actually shown the image at the time of being questioned.

For the media spend and campaign length, the expected prompted ad recall would be approximately 20 to 25 per cent.  Due to the low recall rate for the current Aussie Apples campaign, we decided to put the August activity on hold. Ikon, the media buyers, managed to negotiate a credit for the media spend allocated for that time giving us until March 2016 to use it, a fantastic outcome.

A new marketing direction

To tackle the development of the new strategic direction for both apples and pears, we are collaborating with key people within the industry seeking their thoughts and knowledge on the best way forward. There will be a couple of sessions held at the new APAL office, facilitated by Andrew Farmer, the transformation lead at HIA.

The first session held on 17 August was the design phase to identify the specific objectives for the workshop, which was subsequently held on 20-21 August. The group participating in the meetings includes:

Please feel free to contact any of the attendees or myself if you have any suggestions or comments for the marketing of Aussie Apples.

More collaboration, more transparency

Meetings have also been set up with the category buyers at Coles, Woolworths and IGA and will also be arranged with ALDI to discuss the new marketing plan/direction after it is developed at the end of August. The aim is to develop stronger relationships with the key retailers and involve them in the marketing program to help increase sales in store.

This is an exciting time for apples and pears. Through collaboration, communication and greater transparency on activities being implemented, we should see a more effective campaign which is supported across the supply chain.

Watch this space for more updates on the next steps for Aussie Apples and Australian Pears.

17 Aussie Apples ad recall

Although not dropping further, advertising recall for ‘Refresh Yourself’ remained very low at 4 percent for the April – June 2015 period.




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