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By Brett DelSimone, WA stone fruit grower, director of Summerfruit Australia Ltd, and spokesperson for the Hills Orchard Improvement Group.


Find the APVMA app in the iPhone app store.

If someone had suggested to me, just a decade ago, that I would be using my mobile phone to manage, research, store data and provide essential business resources to control and simplify the daily operations of our stone fruit orchard – I may have replied with more than an element of disbelief.

It is with a sense of wonderment and admiration that I read daily of the inventive nature of those on the cutting edge of technology and the influence that these developments have on the most fundamental process of nature…fresh food production.

One of these relatively simple, yet immeasurably useful inventions are mobile phone applications – in this case the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority’s (APVMA) iPhone app.

In its simplest form it is a cache of all the most valuable information that a primary producer could need in making critical decisions on which product to use for which target pest, or conversely, which not to use.

Searches in this app can be made based on the criteria of product, ID, pest, host, active ingredient or permit ID. From these preliminary searches, for example Tilt 250 EC Fungicide, you can then access information on actives, pests or hosts. From the app you can even view the entire Tilt label as it appears on the packaging. All this information can be readily emailed to any of your phone contacts.

Given the amount of detail that is provided from your search criteria, it can open up a whole range of control options that you may not have known existed. These may assist in reduction of product resistance by a target pest via introduction of alternative products or can provide the cornerstone for further research for those inclined to look for ‘softer’ or more targeted control options.

Information contained within the APVMA app also pertains to current, suspended or cancelled permits.

The app itself came in useful for a submission that I was involved in with the Hills Orchard Improvement Group to the final consultation period of the APVMA’s fenthion review.

Did you know that there are 126 registered products for the control of the Wingless Grasshopper, besides fenthion? Neither did I, until I consulted the app!

Next time you have a spare moment, take the time to download the APVMA’s free App.

When it comes to chemical product usage, this piece of technology is a simple and convenient port of call for your ‘need to know’ questions.

APVMA 1-checker

Using the APVMA iPhone app (1) you can search for a particular pest (eg. Codling moth) (2) and find registered products for that pest (eg. Calypso) (3) then look at the label for more information (4).

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