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Apple & Pear Australia Ltd.

ABN: 55 490 626 489

APAL represents all Australian commercial apple and pear growers.

For membership or general enquiries, please use our online enquiry form here.

Access to the APAL Export Hub is only available to these participants: Australian apple and pear growers or packhouse operators, state-based grower organisations, or Australian government representatives. Applicants who do not fall into one of these groups will be denied access.

All information found in the APAL Export Hub or distributed to members of the Export Hub via email or other electronic format must be treated as confidential and should not be disseminated to third parties outside of the Export Hub or published online or in any other non-secure format.

The information shared exists to benefit the Australian apple and pear industry and contains sensitive information about Australia’s competitive advantages and challenges in fresh produce exports.

By joining the APAL Export Hub I am agreeing to receive communication from APAL including, but not limited to, e-newsletters and SMS updates.

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Telephone Enquiries

You can reach APAL during normal business hours via phone.

P : +61 3 9329 3511


Visit the APAL team at our Melbourne office. Suite G.02, 128 Jolimont Road, East Melbourne VIC Australia 3002

Media and Advertising Enquiries

All media and advertising enquiries should be directed to APAL’s Head – Communications and Media on +61 3 9329 3511 or via [email protected]