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Export Cost Recovery in 2021

Industry Advocacy

The DAWE statement covers the scope of Export Cost Recovery plans for the future.

APAL and the horticultural industry are calling on the government to delay implementation of new cost recovery measures that could see revenue from export charges increase by 68% over the next four years.

The Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) is proposing to significantly increase the fees and charges paid by Australian agriculture exporters from 1 July 2021 (under its Cost Recovery Implementation Statement – CRIS) until 2024/25.

Read the full statement from DAWE here.

It is the view of the horticultural industry that:

  • The Federal Government should be assisting the growth of export markets given the significant benefits to the wider economy, not charging them more
  • Increasing export costs continues to put Australian exporters at a significant competitive disadvantage, particularly as we do not compete on a level playing field globally
  • The horticulture industry should not be paying for Departmental property and IT services

APAL, and the entire Horticultural Industry continue to lobby the government to delay its implementation so to review the charges to ensure that they are fair and equitable.

For further information, contact Jeremy Griffith, APAL Head of Government Relations and Advocacy at

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