Webinar: Outcomes from US Netting trials

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Risk mitigation using protective netting in Washington State apple production

Similar to our Australian apple and pear industry netting is being increasingly adopted to mitigate sunburn and hail risk in Washington State, particularly for high-valued cultivars.

Dr. Lee Kalcsits, an Associate Professor of tree fruit physiology at the Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension  Center has been conducting trials to assess the effects of netting on the light and temperature in the orchard and the implications for tree growth, productivity, and quality.

What you will learn

Join us for this 30 minute webinar where Lee will present information on the effect of netting color, shade percentage, and reflective fabrics on fruit sunburn and quality in an irrigated, semi-arid, desert environment.

He will also share logistical issues that have arisen during industry adoption as well as some creative approaches to reduce the capital costs while still gaining the benefits of protective netting in the orchard.

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