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Webinar: How sMDB irrigation water is shared

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This webinar sub-series will focus on the connected southern basin water sharing arrangements, water allocation processes, water trade, policy and events that determined irrigation water availability in 2021-22.

Participants will learn about key factors that influence water availability, and as a result will be better equipped to make more informed decisions in future seasons to better deal with variable water supplies.

Webinar 1. Southern basin sharing arrangements

Thursday, 26 May, 1 – 2 pm

  • Southern Murray-Darling Basin (sMDB) overview
  • Characteristics and relative volumes of the different sMDB water entitlements
  • Water sharing arrangements between states
  • How key storages are shared.

Webinar 2. Allocation policy and key events

Thursday, 9 June, 1 – 2 pm.

  • sMDB irrigation allocation processes
  • How the allocation processes affect the reliability of different sMDB water entitlements
  • Impact of carryover, dam spills and unregulated flows on irrigation supplies.

Webinar 3. Water trade and water policy

Friday, 24 June, 1 – 2 pm.

  • Volume, direction and trends of sMDB water trade
  • How the different trade limits work
  • How the Environmental Water Allowance payback affects irrigation allocations
  • sMDB irrigation situation and outlook for 2022-23.