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Webinar: Food Safety Environmental Monitoring of Fresh Produce Packing Facilities

The safety of fresh produce is significantly impacted if hygienic conditions during handling and packing are compromised. Such conditions are strongly reliant on the development and implementation of cleaning and sanitation programs designed to assure hygiene in packing facilities, especially on surfaces which contact the product as well as adjacent areas.

Environmental monitoring programs (EMP) provide a means of assessing the thoroughness of cleaning and sanitation programs, with the goal of eliminating potential niches and harbourages for pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp. These organisms can hide away in food handling facilities, then periodically emerge to contaminate produce. This is particularly significant in the case of ready-to-eat foods, as contamination presents a serious risk to consumers. An effective EMP will detect the presence of these pathogens, and permit timely corrective action.

This webinar will provide a background on how to set up an EMP. It will describe environmental zones, monitoring techniques, and the challenge of interpreting and responding to results. A successful EMP should be thorough and aggressive investigation, and any positive results must be viewed as an opportunity to strengthen cleaning and sanitation.

For more information about this webinar please contact IFPA ANZ Head of Food Safety – Deon Mahoney