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Webinar: Eco-credentials and sustainability

Future Orchards®

Are supermarkets and conscientious consumers driving the development of Eco-Credentials and Sustainability Framework for Australian Horticulture?

In this 30 minute webinar we will address how industry can prepare for the emerging consumer trend to understand the environmental footprint through the adoption of eco-credentials and the Sustainability Framework.

What you will learn:

Supermarkets are currently the powerful vehicle for public education, Dr Brent Clothier, Plant and Food Research NZ,  will explain how fruit and fruit products may receive eco-premium pricing, when they exhibit the eco-credentials that enable them to reach the best shelves of discerning supermarkets.

Telling Australian Horticulture Sustainability Story, Dr Anthony Kachenko, Hort Innovation, will provide an update on the development of the Sustainability Framework. This framework will include a snapshot of sustainability in horticulture, and types of evidence that can support sustainability credentials. The work done through this initiative has the potential to help industry identify research and development priorities or gaps in the sustainability space for future consideration.

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