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The buzz about bee biosecurity in Australia

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This webinar is bringing together some of Australia’s bee biosecurity experts for a deep-dive into the world of bee pests and diseases

When it comes to increasing our crop yields, improving the quality of our produce and boosting our economy, bees are the quiet achievers. We all know bees are responsible for putting honey on our tables, but in fact most of the foods we enjoy are also brought to us with help bees. Farmers rely on the bees’ unique ability to pollinate the crops we eat and those we feed to animals,

This webinar will examine bee biosecurity, why it is important and what is being done to protect our bees from exotic pests and diseases.

Bee biosecurity is a national priority that is implemented off-shore, at the border, on-farm or in an apiary. Biosecurity is essential for all successful beekeeping businesses.

Join us this Wednesday 23 November at 1.30pm to hear some of Australia’s leading industry and government bee biosecurity experts discuss exotic bee pests and disease.

You will hear from:

  • Danny Le Feuvre, CEO, Australian Honey Bee Industry Council
  • Dr Jenny Shanks, Manager, Bee Biosecurity & Surveillance, Plant Health Australia
  • Dr Chris Anderson, Manager of Plant Biosecurity Prevention and Preparedness, NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • Tara Needham, Veterinary Officer, Avian Biologicals Companion Animals and Dairy, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

There will be a Q&A session following the speakers’ presentations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about the future of bee biosecurity and how we are working together to protect our hives. Register now.