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Webinar: Post-harvest treatment with supercharged air

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Using supercharged air to improve food safety and decay control outcomes

Join us for this short 30 minute webinar where Dr Sukhvinder Pal (SP) Singh, a Food Safety Scientist at NSW DPI, will deliver post-harvest session on a highly promising new method of treating apples to minimise microbial food safety risks. The technology has the potential to greatly improve food safety and reduce post-harvest losses due to decay.

What is Supercharged air?

Supercharged air (otherwise known as “cold plasma”) is created by applying an electric current to normal air or a gas. Ionising the air produces highly reactive free radicals found to have broadspectrum antimicrobial activity capable of killing bacteria, viruses and moulds.

What you will learn while keeping your social distancing

Dr SP Singh will focus on the application of supercharged air in killing or inactivating of foodborne bacterial pathogens (e.g. Salmonella species) and decay-causing fungal pathogens.

Registration is essential

You will need to register to access the online webinar session. Make sure to book yourself in early, we will send you a reminder the day before and on the morning of your session.

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