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February 2023 Future Orchards Harvest Series – Orange

Future Orchards®

This Harvest Series Orchard Walk will take place in Orange on Tuesday 7 February.

Ross Wilson, Horticulture Consultant at AgFirst for Future Orchards®, will use block data to lead discussions around block targets set for the season, management and potential new options and solutions if you are not tracking on target.

What you will learn

  • Identifying your crop targets and specific management actions 
  • Measuring if you are on track 
  • Using your block data to optimise returns at harvest. 
  • Setting up for high colour harvest and a good return crop 
  • Budgeting for harvest labour  

Please note: Attendees are invited to make their own way to Melrose Orchard for the orchard walk and lunch.

About Ross Wilson

Ross Wilson is a founding member of AgFirst in New Zealand and brings over 30 years’ horticulture experience to the business. A grower in his own right, Ross has frontline experience with the issues orchardists face, and offers his grower clients a complete consultancy service.

Grower education is a passion and Ross is a key driver of APAL’s Future Orchards program. He regularly leads field days for various projects, ensuring the latest technical advances and good tree management techniques make it to the hands of growers.

For further information, please contact [email protected]