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APAL Export Forum 2022 – Manjimup, WA

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The inaugural APAL Export Forum will equip growers and exporters with key information to increase engagement success in offshore markets.

With a focus on important export registration and compliance information, this session is a must for growers and exporters intending to send fruit to protocol markets, especially Thailand, in the next season.

At the Forum, the APAL Trade team will cover market development activities and updates on current market access work, sharing insights into trade progress and market opportunities learned from the Department of Agriculture and KPMG.

The APAL Export Forum will be followed by lunch.

For growers and exporters on the East Coast, there will also be an APAL Export Forum in Shepparton on Wednesday 3 August. See here for further details.

Program highlights

  • Compliance
    • Export registration
    • Audit processes
    • Crop monitoring
    • Food Safety
    • MRLs
  • Market Access
    • Active negotiations
    • Requests in the pipeline
  • Market Development
    • Market profiles
    • Update on India & quotas
    • EMDG & Hort Innovation Marketing
    • Outbound missions
  • Introducing The APAL Export Hub
    • Features of The APAL Export Hub
    • Consultation on ‘export action plans’
  • General updates
    • Biosecurity plan
    • NFF strategy
    • CRIS (export cost-recovery charges)


Who should attend?

Registrations are open to Australian apple and pear growers, pack-house managers and marketers.

Register now. Attendance is free.