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Agriculture Victoria Traceability Information Hub launch

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Traceability is an emerging capability for the Australian agricultural sector. The ability to trace a product’s journey from paddock to plate can showcase the quality and unique story of Australian produce. This visibility can also help protect brands against food fraud.

This event will showcase:

  • how traceability can benefit businesses in the agricultural supply chain
  • the value traceability can add during an emergency response
  • the six key drivers of traceability
  • Agriculture Victoria’s investment in digital traceability.

Event program and presenters

Welcome and introduction – Katherine Clift, Executive Director Biosecurity Victoria, Agriculture Victoria

What’s on offer and who’s the Hub for? – Neil McSkimming, Export Development and Investment Strategy, Agriculture Victoria

Getting started with traceability using six steps – Richelle Zealley, Senior Communications Advisor, Agriculture Victoria

Panel session

This session will explore the value of working together, using a common language and system for traceability. We will address the importance of taking a national approach across the various agricultural supply chains. And will hear from representatives in government, global standards and retail.

Traceability can help businesses remain competitive and meet increasing consumer demands by:

  • connecting with technology to provide systems that share information along the supply chain
  • keeping track of changing customer needs and market trends
  • building consumer trust and confirming product claims, such as sustainably sourced produce.

What is traceability?

Traceability is the ability to share information about and follow the movement of a product through all or part of its supply chain across the stages of production, processing and distribution.

What is the Traceability Information Hub?

The Agriculture Victoria Traceability Information Hub (the Hub) is an online resource with access to traceability information, support and resources.

The Hub provides information for food and fibre businesses about how a traceability system can work along their supply chain to:

  • support compliance and regulation
  • assist in building and establishing Australian brands in global markets
  • enhance production and business efficiencies.

More information

For more information about this event contact Richelle Zealley by email [email protected] or phone 0438 364 728.

This event will benefit farmers, producers, processors, packers, exporters, technology providers, business decision makers, government and researchers.