Spring Future Orchards® Walk – Stanthorpe

Future Orchards®

Have you started to plan for how you will manage your labour supply and orchard activities to maintain productivity and profit margins under the current pandemic conditions?

Join us at the spring orchard walks where we will identify what you need to consider when preparing your orchard and workforce for the upcoming season during a global pandemic.

Using the Australian Model Orchard as a case study, Ross Wilson and Craig Hornblow from AgFirst will create a decision tree of management options available under a range of labour supply situations. Taking into consideration:

  • Timing of tasks to reduce the big peaks in orchard operations
  • Modifying thinning strategies
  • Vigour management
  • Re-allocating marginal blocks
  • Investing in technologies
  • Removing uneconomic blocks now rather than waiting
  • Thinking ahead for harvest: what additional resources may be required?

How the walk will run

Your orchard walk will start at Savio’s orchards with a streamed presentation and then followed by an in-orchard demonstration.

While you are walking around the orchard, Stephen Tancred your Frontline Adviser will give you an update on the results of his recent bud dissection trial.

What you will hear on the streamed presentation

Ross Wilson and Craig Hornblow from AgFirst will identify what can be done in the orchard where there is a shortage of workers and how to make the most of workforce that is available.

Jeremy Griffith, Head of Government Relations at APAL, will provide you with a quick update on the current situation in Australia.

A panel of Australian growers who will discuss how they are addressing the labour issue.  The discussion will be facilitated by Justin Smith, Industry Services Manager for APAL. The panel members include include:

  • Nathan Baronio from Eastern Colour in Stanthorpe
  • Ian Pearce from Stoneleigh Orchards in Orange
  • Jeremy Smart from Tingira Orchard in Batlow
  • Brent Reeve from Geoffrey Thompson Orchards in the Goulburn Valley

Due to COVID restrictions registration is essential

Make sure to book yourself in early. You we will be sent a reminder the day before and an hour before your session. However please note timings on the confirmation is for the online presentation only.

If you are unable to attend the live session, we will be recording the online presentations and making it available a few days later.

For further information

APAL Stanthorpe Front Line Adviser – Stephen Tancred on 0407 762 888 or via email stephen@orchardservices.com.au 

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Future Orchards® is an APAL project funded by Hort Innovation using the apple and pear levy with matched funds from the Australian Government.