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Strengthening food safety through data and risk assessment

Research & Extension

In consultation with APAL, microbiologist Elizabeth Frankish has put together a short survey about current packhouse practices to inform her research and work developing a microbial risk-assessment model for the apple and pear industry.

The survey will help identify which forms of specific control are most effective, and is part of a broader characterisation of food safety input control in Australia and abroad.

“It’s going to help us find out how industry can apply their control more effectively so they can maintain their good food safety track record and help target their time and resources better,” said Elizabeth.

“There is a global push to take this approach, but Australia is at the forefront. Our industry has a good record and we want to maintain it for the right reasons.”

She emphasised the progress being made and the help data input from real operations provides.

By completing the packhouse self-assessment survey you can learn about risk areas, while helping provide data on industry practice to guide the development of a model. The survey asks you about your current control activities, microbial testing, and food safety performance indicators in the context of organisation and supply chain characteristics.

The survey will take around 10 minutes, participation is voluntary, and all responses are anonymous. Aside from giving up your time, the researchers do not expect there will be any risks or costs associated with taking part in this study.


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