Developing the new Aussie Apples campaign

With input from new marketing research, Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd is preparing a new marketing campaign for Aussie Apples for 2015 with a focus on promoting apples as a ‘refreshing’ snack food.

Author: Luke Westley Apple and Pear Marketing Manager, HIA 02 8295 2375

Luke Westley
Apple and Pear Marketing Manager, HIA
02 8295 2375

Developing a new marketing campaign to talk to consumers and create desire for a product can be a challenging one. It starts with asking ourselves some hard and honest questions about who we really are and the role we currently, and will play, in the lives of consumers.

From there, a research program can commence to better understand what consumers are thinking. In developing the new Aussie Apples strategic marketing plan, we used a research model that was somewhat different. Market research consultants BDRC Jones Donald used the market research tool ‘ZMET’ to identify the emotional connection Australians have with Aussie Apples to unlock ways to increase their desire for consumption over other snacking options.

The three key learnings from this study that will help in developing the new marketing campaign are:

  1. Consumption in both volume bought and amount spent is increasing.
  2. Apple consumers cannot necessarily be divided into the traditional life stages as previously measured, but can be better segmented around lifestyles and behaviours, which directs how they interact with the product.
  3. ‘Refreshment’ is transformational in both a physical and emotional sense – Aussie Apples are considered ‘refreshing’ but they also make me feel ‘refreshed’ because I feel like I’m doing something good for myself.

People are buying more applesThe study also identified some key marketing dangers that could be avoided:

  1. Consumers said: Stop telling me apples are healthy, I know they are, and you’re turning me off them by nagging me about it.
  2. The fact that apples are not always ‘in season’ stops consumers buying apples and maybe the ‘new season’ campaign scan be damaging to overall sales.

As a result, the brief to the new creative agency, The Works, who are now developing material to promote Aussie Apples for 2015, was: ‘Show me transformation through refreshment with Aussie Apples’. They developed a range of creative marketing ideas and graphics that they presented to consumer groups to test them before further refinement took place.

Through this process, we also needed to consider the behaviour of consumers and how this may change in time with a focus on convenience and on-the-go snacking. We set ourselves the challenge, to stop behaving like a fruit and more like a viable snack option, not just in our communications but also our distribution channels and promotions.

motivations and barriers to purchasing apples

These challenges and this brief naturally produce a challenging campaign compared to what Aussie Apples has ever produced. We really are breaking new ground.

Creative concepts have been put before the previous HAL marketing subcommittee of the IAC, and further research has been undertaken to ensure we are producing the best possible and highest impact creative to drive sales. Adjusting colour, whether an apple has a crunch or not, and the facial expressions of models can change the perception of the creative, so we are undertaking due diligence to ensure we get these elements right.

I have no doubt that the creative that we put before the market and industry will challenge your thoughts about Aussie Apples, and stand out from the crowd. This is exactly what we’re trying to achieve to re-engage consumers in this exciting and modern product as we ask consumers to consider us in a new light and create a habitual snacking routine with Aussie Apples.

The consumer reaction to the work so far has been positive, and I look forward to sharing this work with you as we embark on what will be an exciting phase with the new Aussie Apples strategic marketing plan in 2015.

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