Contribute to new industry biosecurity plan

Plant Health Australia are in the process of updating the apple and pear industry biosecurity plan and want input from growers.

APAL is therefore looking for industry volunteers to participate in the review and its implementation.  Volunteers should have agronomic experience and an understanding of the apple and pear industry.  Some knowledge of biosecurity is also preferred but not essential.

Biosecurity planning gives the apple and pear industry the ability to determine which exotic pests are the highest risk to the industry. In turn, this allows procedures to be implemented that reduce the chances of pests establishing in Australia and minimise their impact if a pest incursion does occur.

Australia’s apple and pear industry is currently free of more than 250 identified exotic pests and diseases worldwide. Each of these threats has been considered for their entry potential, establishment potential, economic impact and overall risk.

Volunteers willing to help to revise the industry’s biosecurity plan will be required to attend the Apple and Pear Industry Biosecurity implementation meeting in Melbourne (date to be confirmed). During the meeting they will help determine the most significant threats based on current information and determine how the industry can mitigate any threats.

Volunteer to assist with the biosecurity plan

For more information or to volunteer to participate please contact Angus Crawford, APAL Technical Manager: 03 9329 3511 or

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More information on the work Plant Health Australia does for the apple and pear industry.

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