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Coles becomes latest retailer to back Fair Farm initiative


Coles’ decision to accept Fair Farms ethical employment certification means the industry-developed scheme is now accepted by the three major retailers, simplifying compliance and potentially reducing costs.

The Fair Farms program provides an independently audited training and certification program allowing growers to demonstrate their commitment to fair treatment of workers and meet retail requirements for ethical sourcing.

It was developed by the peak representative body for Queensland horticulture, Growcom, in response to concerns raised around the treatment of agricultural workers and is already accepted by Woolworths and Aldi into their own ethical audit programs

Fair Farms National Program Manager Thomas Hertel said Australian horticulture producers can choose Fair Farms and thereby meet the ethical sourcing requirements of all three retailers.

“Having an industry standard for ethical employment practices agreed across the different supply chains within horticulture should make compliance easier and less costly,” he said.

“This means that more farm businesses are likely to adopt the Fair Farms Standard, leading to improved conditions for workers on farm.

“The Fair Farms program supports all members of the Australian horticultural supply chain. It is built on the idea that compliant and ethical employers should be recognised and rewarded for their efforts by their customers and consumers, who may choose to buy Australian produce from ethically verified sources.”

Further information

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