WA grower John Hearman finalist in national awards

John Hearman in the nursery An innovative approach to producing fast-establishing nursery trees has put WA orchardist John Hearman in the running for this year’s prestigious annual industry awards. John, a second-generation grower and fourth-generation farmer from Donnybrook, WA, has been shortlisted for both APAL’s Rising Star, and Hort Connections Young Grower of [...]

WA state report – Autumn 2019

With near optimal weather conditions leading up to harvest in the West, it’s expected that a medium to heavy crop will be achievable for most WA growers. In particular, the Pink Lady® crop is looking very good at this stage of the harvest period. Fruit sizing across the board is also anticipated to be sound. [...]

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Quality assured in WA apples

Western Australian apple growers have launched an intensive apple quality testing program this week to coincide with the launch of 2019 apple season to let consumers know that 'when you choose to buy a WA apple, it will be a great apple'. A 2017 survey by independent consumer group CHOICE found apples — more than [...]

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A beacon for women in agriculture

For the past two and a half years, Susie Murphy White has been an Industry Project Manager for Pomewest, where she has established a reputation as the go-to technical expert among WA apple and pear growers. Susie Murphy White Her instrumental advisory role in the Future Orchards® program, unflappable enthusiasm, expertise and commitment [...]

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WA state report – Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Full productivity!  Blooms and busy bee activity is the orchard picture postcard at this time of the year. WA has been experiencing some very mild spring weather with plenty of rain. Some regions have reported some sporadic – dare we say it – hail incidents. Fortunately, this occurred before fruit set.  We are set ready [...]

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WA state report – Oct/Nov 2018

After a very dry and warm autumn, the winter season has delivered very wet and cold days, with some rainfall most days in July. It started out to be a low chill accumulating year but we’ve almost got to our averages by mid-August, which should be a good outcome for spring. Indications are that the [...]

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Pink Lady and Bravo apples among the healthiest

Eating apples is good for you, ongoing research carried out by The University of Western Australia (UWA) and Edith Cowan University (ECU) has reaffirmed. The science behind how apples assist human health by improving cardiovascular health was presented at today’s Western Australian Horticulture Update by UWA senior research fellow Michael Considine and adjunct research fellow [...]

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WA state report – Aug/Sep 2018

Harvest for 2018 is well and truly done, and growers are hoping for better results in the retail market this year. We have been fortunate this year with no eventful weather conditions affecting crop yields. We are only too aware of our counterparts’ devastating experiences in other states of extreme heat, hail and storms. In [...]

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WA state report – Jun/Jul 2018

Harvest is nearly finished and most growers are hoping for better results in the retail market this year fueled by the excitement and quality of this season’s fruit being available. So far it has been a good start with kind weather conditions for growing good-quality fruit and it looks like the conclusion of the season will mirror [...]

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WA state report – Apr/May 2018

A market with a glut of fruit and varying grades of quality forcing prices down is the challenge this season. Returns at retail are just not covering production costs for most growers in most growing areas. Developing exports, discovering new markets and increasing consumer demand remain the answer and the opportunity. Pomewest is committed to [...]

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