Eyeing the future of robotics

Robotics and automation will play a key role in fifth-generation fruit grower Mitchell McNab’s plans to drive efficiencies and quality in his Goulburn Valley family orchard. Using remote sensors established across the orchard, Mitchell measures soil moisture to help manage water requirements. For more than a century H.V. McNab & Son Pty Ltd [...]

Victoria state report – Oct/Nov 2018

The inaugural conference of Fruit Growers Victoria Ltd (FGVL) has been deemed a success by all who attended. Held 16–17 August, 2018, at the Eastbank centre in Shepparton and at Turnbull Bros Orchards in Ardmona, the conference attracted more than 200 delegates. FGVL is now conducting a survey of delegates and sponsors for feedback and [...]

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Growth in diversification – value-added products

Exhibiting their value-added products at the Variety Showcase at Hort Connections 2018 was the Mock family with their freeze-dried fruits marketed under their Totally Pure Fruits® brand.  The Mock Family produces freeze-dried fruit under their brand Totally Pure Fruits®. The Mock family has been growing fruit at their picturesque Red Hill orchard in Victoria [...]

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Victoria state report -Aug/Sep 2018

FGVL’s inaugural conference preparations are in full swing. Attendance was high at Victoria's winter Future Orchards® walks. FGVL is really pleased with the support from local and national sponsors. The key now is to get as many grower delegates as possible to attend from not just interstate but also locally. Registration and the [...]

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Victoria state report – Jun/Jul 2018

Fruit Growers Victoria Ltd (FGVL) is excited to announce it will hold an inaugural conference for apple, pear and stonefruit growers. The conference will be held on 16–17 August 2018 at the Eastbank centre in Shepparton. Day one of the conference will include guest speakers covering topics such as integrated pest management, Queensland fruit fly [...]

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Victoria state report – Apr/May 2018

In the Goulburn Valley, with the pear harvest nearly complete, most growers have commented on the excellent quality that’s coming off the trees. Volumes of pears are up by 10–20 per cent in Williams and Packhams and 20–30 per cent in Corella and Buerré Bosc. New-season Royal Gala apples from Victoria. Apples across [...]

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Labour shortfall prompts automation research

If there’s a single common challenge hovering over Australia’s pome fruit industry it’s labour – specifically, a shortage thereof – prompting 2018 Nuffield scholar Bisi Oladele to look into packhouse automation. As the technical manager for Geoffrey Thompson Fruit Packing at Shepparton, Bisi oversees all quality control and compliance aspects of one of Australia’s biggest [...]

Victoria state report – Feb/Mar 2018

In the Goulburn Valley, pear crops are showing moderate to heavy production depending on the variety. Apples are also looking moderate to heavy, although crops are lighter than last season. In southern Victoria, apple crops are heavy with good quality seen throughout. On the export side there is still a need for all pome fruit [...]

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Victoria state report – Dec 2017/Jan 2018

The weather in October and November was colder than would have been expected but all areas have reported good fruit set. Some growers have experienced hail in the Goulburn Valley, but the damage appears quite variable. Recent rain has encouraged extra shoot growth which apple growers may need to remove to improve light penetration to [...]

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Victoria state report – Oct/Nov 2017

The next Future Orchards® walk in northern Victoria is scheduled for 17 November. Speakers will include Ross Wilson from AgFirst and guest Tom Auvil from Washington State, USA, who will present on apple rootstocks. The Future Orchards walk in southern Victoria will take place on Monday 20 November and will feature Nicola Dallabetta, who will [...]

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