Varieties and rootstock

Rootstocks for red-blushed pears

Lexie McClymont, Ian Goodwin, David Cornwall, Dave Haberfield, Wendy Sessions and Susanna Turpin The ANP-0131 pear variety that will be marketed as Deliza® is one of the promising new red-blushed pears bred by Victorian Government researchers in Tatura. The team at the Horticulture Centre of Excellence share an update on the ‘Profitable Pear Systems’ project [...]

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Breeding a market winner

By Peter Landon-Lane When developing premium, new cultivars breeding is just the beginning, with consumer, production, and post-harvest research required across the value chain. New varieties can offer growers, marketers and retailers a crucial point-of-difference and competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Having a point of difference is crucial when developing a new variety that will [...]

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Developing a winning variety

By Andrew Maughan With experience in rolling out new branded varieties such as Modi™, Honey Belle™, PIQA® Boo® , Sumo Citrus™ and Kiwiberry®, Andrew Maughan spoke at Asia Fruit Logistica about how to select and develop a winning variety. From left: Honey Belle, Modi and Piqa Boo. The ultimate goal with any managed [...]

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Picking a new pear

Ian Bolitho is testing two new pears at his orchard in the Goulburn Valley, Victoria. Ian Bolitho is a member of Australian Plant Management – one of six fruit grower entities nation-wide that has been trialling two new pears. His favourite is ANP-0131, which will be marketed under the name Deliza®. “It’s a [...]

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Rootstocks for intensive pear production

By Rod Jones, Ian Goodwin and Susanna Turpin DEPI scientists share their progress on trying to identify which pear rootstock / variety combinations perform best in intensive pear production systems. By definition, intensive pear production systems use more than 1,000 trees per hectare and can achieve more than 8,000 trees per hectare depending on rootstock/scion [...]

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Apple and pear variety registry 2014

In response to a specific request from key stakeholders in the apple and pear industry, APAL has compiled a list of all available and emerging apple and pear varieties in Australia. Author: Angus Crawford Technical Manager, APAL 03 9329 3511 Over many years the variety makeup of Australia’s apple and pear industry [...]

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Register now to grow new dark-skinned apple

Apple growers can now apply to grow the new WA-bred 'ANABP 01' apple. Photo: DAFWA Updated 27 Jan 2015. Apple growers who are interested in planting the new dark skinned ‘ANABP 01’ apple can now register their interest to get trees in 2016 and beyond. The ‘ANABP 01’ apple has been bred in Western [...]

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Getting the best nursery tree possible

The Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program (APFIP) is helping growers identify and purchase high quality nursery trees that suit their needs. Defining the quality of nursery trees seems to be a part of any conversation when fruit growers get together. Currently, there are at least five different types of nursery trees that growers require nurseries [...]

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WA breeds new apple variety

A new firm and juicy WA-developed apple is one step closer to shop shelves after 20 years of breeding and testing by the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFWA). DAFWA director general Rob Delane (lt), Fruit West Co-operative chairman Ben Darbyshire (centre) and Agriculture and Food Minister Ken Baston (rt) with some [...]

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Australian growers get first bite at new pear

PIQA® BOO® brand pears growing in NZ (Photo: Andrew Maughan, Freshmax). A new type of pear with the brand name PIQA® BOO® is now available for Australian fruit growers to grow through a licensing agreement with Freshmax. The PIQA® BOO® brand fruit combines characteristics from European, Japanese and Chinese pears, giving the fruit [...]

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