Varieties and rootstock

What varieties should I plant?

No matter where you grow pome fruit in the world, every grower at one time or another will ask themselves, ‘What variety should I plant?’. Although a simple question, it can prove one of the most difficult to answer. Some growers are perceived to be more adept at picking variety ‘winners’ than others. My experience [...]

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An exposé on pome fruit rootstocks

The Future Orchards® theme in the next 12 months is looking at ‘future trees’ - this article is the first discussing this new theme and focuses below the ground on rootstocks. For well over a century and, in the case of Europe many centuries, apples and pears have been grown on clonal rootstocks. In that [...]

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Expected returns from the new red-blushed pear Deliza®

By Kerry Stott, Mark O’Connell, Ian Goodwin and Susanna Turpin In collaboration with Goulburn Valley pear growers, Agriculture Victoria researchers are conducting economic assessments of the new red-blushed pear ANP-0131 (Deliza®) to help growers determine how to grow it most profitably. ANP-0131 pear tree (pear fruit to be marketed under the name Deliza®). [...]

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Apple and Pear Variety Register – 2017

By Angus Crawford APAL has updated our Apple and Pear Variety Register that provides growers with a summary of currently available varieties and those in development for Australia.  Apple and Pear Variety Register The aim of the register is to provide an independent overview of the array of apple and pear varieties currently available and [...]

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Variety Showcase and Sensory Tasting Session

The Sensory Tasting Session added some fun to the jam-packed 2016 National Horticulture Convention program and a twist to the Variety Showcase, it also raised the point that everyone tastes differently which is why there is such diversification or fruit available. Created with flickr slideshow.   APAL and APFIP enlisted the help of Richard Cornish, an [...]

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Prevar seeks PremA34 licensing proposals

The new apple cultivar PremA34 is yet to be tested in Australia, but New Zealand's Prevar is looking to progress its commercialisation and is seeking licensing proposals from interested Australian growers.  At the Prevar Apple Field Days in 2013, Prevar announced that the PremA34 apple cultivar that had been tested for a number of years [...]

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Growing Kalei apples

The new Kalei apple, bred by Queensland government researchers and now being commercialised by APAL, was the centre of discussions at a recent field day. Principal Horticulturalist with Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), Simon Middleton, and IP Manager at APAL, Garry Langford, shared their knowledge and insights about the new variety. On Monday [...]

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APFIP’s work lifts orchard performance

APFIP Final Report (2011-16) For nearly 20 years the Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program (APFIP) has been working to increase productivity across the apple and pear industry by getting better quality varieties to growers faster. As the current project looks to wrap up and move to its next stage, we get an update on [...]

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And the new apple is….Bravo!

Bravo™ - the new WA-bred ANABP 01 apple has a name. Fruit West Co-operative Ltd has announced the name of its ANABP 01 apple as Bravo™ - details on the brand and marketing plans for the Bravo apple will be provided to existing and prospective growers at a field day on 18 April 2016 in Western Australia. [...]

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Kanzi season kicks off

As the Kanzi® apple harvest gets under way, orchardists are reporting an excellent quality crop across all growing regions. This season's Kanzi apples at Ardrossan Batlow Apples, NSW. (Photo supplied by Hannah Cathels, N&A Fruit Distributors).   Apple grower and marketer Rob Cathels says eating quality, as well as external appearance, have been [...]

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