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Plans to boost adoption of certified trees

A new project aims to capitalise on the known production benefits of planting apple and pear trees certified under the Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program (APFIP) by identifying ways to increase their adoption and investigating a more self-sustaining certification system. The new APFIP project aims to capitalise on the known production benefits of planting [...]

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Kanzi doubles production in 2017

Australian Kanzi Apple growers marketed 1,600,000 kg of class one Kanzi in Australia in 2017, double last year's production. Batlow Kanzi apple grower, packer and marketer Rob Cathels says despite the increased crop, fruit sales were completed nationally within the planned 12 week marketing window, from early April to early July. Growers and marketers have successfully [...]

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Future Orchards walks – Spring 2017

Rootstock selection will be the theme of the  Future Orchards® spring walks planned for November 2017, continuing the theme of ‘Future Trees’. AgFirst consultant Ross Wilson and Tom Auvil of North American Plants will join the northern loop walks.  In the Southern Loop, guest speakers will be Craig Hornblow of AgFirst and Nicola Dallabetta from Fondazione [...]

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Pros and cons of club varieties

After exploring how to choose a new variety last issue with Steve Spark, AgFirst’s John Wilton shows us the ins and outs of managed club varieties.  High colour sports are now raising colour standards: Lady in Red is on the left, standard Cripps Pink on the right. Since the Australian apple industry trade [...]

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Apple brands – factors of success

Presentation given by Michael Weber, Horticultural Consultant, Germany, at the Future Orchards® winter walks, June 2017: Download: Apple brands - factors of success

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Innovation the family way at Montague

When Bill Montague planted Jonathan, Statesmen and Stewart Seedling apples in 1950 little could he have foreseen that almost 70 years later his one-man-band would have become a thriving operation marketing in excess of 58,000 tonnes of fruit a year and a byword for industry innovation and excellence. Like those first apple trees planted in [...]

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What varieties should I plant?

No matter where you grow pome fruit in the world, every grower at one time or another will ask themselves, ‘What variety should I plant?’. Although a simple question, it can prove one of the most difficult to answer. Some growers are perceived to be more adept at picking variety ‘winners’ than others. My experience [...]

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An exposé on pome fruit rootstocks

The Future Orchards® theme in the next 12 months is looking at ‘future trees’ - this article is the first discussing this new theme and focuses below the ground on rootstocks. For well over a century and, in the case of Europe many centuries, apples and pears have been grown on clonal rootstocks. In that [...]

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Expected returns from the new red-blushed pear Deliza®

By Kerry Stott, Mark O’Connell, Ian Goodwin and Susanna Turpin In collaboration with Goulburn Valley pear growers, Agriculture Victoria researchers are conducting economic assessments of the new red-blushed pear ANP-0131 (Deliza®) to help growers determine how to grow it most profitably. ANP-0131 pear tree (pear fruit to be marketed under the name Deliza®). [...]

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Apple and Pear Variety Register – 2017

By Angus Crawford APAL has updated our Apple and Pear Variety Register that provides growers with a summary of currently available varieties and those in development for Australia.  Apple and Pear Variety Register The aim of the register is to provide an independent overview of the array of apple and pear varieties currently available and [...]

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