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Cosmic Crisp® arrives in Australia

Red Rich Fruits secures exclusive Australian rights to Cosmic Crisp® Apples. After widespread planting in the US, the Cosmic Crisp® apple is launching in Australia thanks to an exclusive agreement between Yarra Valley-based fruit grower, packer, and marketer Red Rich Fruits and varietal managers Proprietary Variety Management (PVM). A red apple with striking starburst-like lenticels, [...]

WA grower John Hearman finalist in national awards

John Hearman in the nursery An innovative approach to producing fast-establishing nursery trees has put WA orchardist John Hearman in the running for this year’s prestigious annual industry awards. John, a second-generation grower and fourth-generation farmer from Donnybrook, WA, has been shortlisted for both APAL’s Rising Star, and Hort Connections Young Grower of [...]

Variety & Brand Showcase 2019

Australian apple and pear new variety offering continues to grow The Australian apple and pear new variety offering continues to grow as growers and breeders alike look for the next thing that will give consumers something new and exciting or growers disease resistance qualities enabling them to produce fruit grown with much less fungicidal inputs [...]

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Red Moon® red-fleshed apples to roll out in Australia

It was on a trip to Italy where the Goulburn Valley-based Barolli family first discovered the French-bred, eye-catching, red-fleshed, Red Moon® Surprise Inside® brand apples. Since then Barolli Orchards has joined the Red Moon team, securing one of just five global licences to grow the apple, which will be marketed worldwide under a collective strategy [...]

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New path for trans-Tasman breeding program

A new ownership structure for the trans-Tasman breeding program, Prevar, will benefit growers on both sides of the Tasman. Prevar was established in 2005 to commercialise new apple and pear cultivars bred by New Zealand’s research organisation Plant & Food Research Limited (PFR). Since its establishment, Prevar has delivered 12 cultivars to Australian growers. Brands that have been [...]

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US growers share experience at IFTA

Contents of this article were sourced from, the aggregate site of American/Western Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower, and Florida Grower magazines. Find the original articles by Christina Herrick here and here. Roger Bannister's multileader trees planted in 2015 are seen here at Excelsior Farms. (Photo: Christina Herrick) The International Fruit Tree Association (IFTA) held its [...]

Humble pear gets a makeover

This article was originally published on Country News on 27/2/2019. Sweet surprise... Ardmona grower Rocky Varapodio will harvest a new pear variety in 2020. Rocky Varapodio has a plan to bring the humble pear into the 21st century. The third-generation Ardmona grower and packer says without modern varieties in this fruit category, pears will [...]

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APAL visits new variety growers in Tasmania

From left: Gary Hopewell and Allan McWaters from the DAF with Andrew Smith of R&R Smith The yet-to-be-officially-named RS103-110 was put on display for variety partners at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) during February. Head of Group Brands Craig Chester, who is managing new apple variety projects on behalf of APAL, [...]

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Project to breed climate-proof apples

This article originally appeared on the Plant and Food Research website. Link. New, superior tasting apples and pears that can thrive in the planet’s increasingly warm climate will soon be available to fruit growers worldwide. T&G Global (formerly Turners & Growers) has joined Plant & Food Research, the Institute of Agriculture and Food Research [...]

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APFIP farewells Mark Hankin

Longstanding Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program (APFIP) operations manager Mark Hankin stepped down in October after over a decade running the program. Organising the Variety Showcase events at the annual industry conference Hort Connections was just one of the many ways outgoing Operations Manager Mark Hankin drove access to better varieties in his time [...]

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