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Juice gives fresh control at Huon Valley

Fourth generation Huon Valley apple and pear grower Mark Duggan knew things had to change when his return for a year’s hard work didn’t even cover costs. “We had a year where we just got nothing,” he said. “We knew we had to do something. We had to look outside the square. Cider was taking [...]

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Branded varieties burst into stores

With harvest season well under way, newer varieties are starting to make an appearance in stores. While some start earlier, March is the prime picking month for most varieties, meaning now is the best time to taste an apple you may not have tried before. One such variety is Kanzi, established in 2004 as part [...]

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Growing juice company squeezes more from premium market

Written by Andrew Spence. This article first appeared in The Lead South Australia. A juice company that began a decade ago with fruit, dreams and no customers has become a national premium beverage brand and is eyeing export markets. Siblings Joyce and Joseph Ceravolo in the Ashton Valley orchard. Picture: James Knowler. The recent success [...]

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Growth in diversification – value-added products

Exhibiting their value-added products at the Variety Showcase at Hort Connections 2018 was the Mock family with their freeze-dried fruits marketed under their Totally Pure Fruits® brand.  The Mock Family produces freeze-dried fruit under their brand Totally Pure Fruits®. The Mock family has been growing fruit at their picturesque Red Hill orchard in Victoria [...]

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Building the food revolution

APAL’s Richelle Zealley explores the world of value-added products and talks to the Food Revolution Group to find out how they are developing high value fruit-based products and working with growers to increase their profitability.  Innovation brings new products, packaging, brands and marketing that creates opportunities to present apples and pears in new and more [...]

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SA juicers secure national deal with global company

In a boost for the South Australian apple industry, JVJ Co, a partnership between Lenswood Apples and Rivercorp Land & Water Limited will supply global beverage company Lion with 3.5 million litres of apple and pear juice annually under a new deal. (Lt) Fergus McLachlan, CEO JVJ Co and (rt) Lars Christensen, Lion Cidery celebrate [...]

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Taking a cider tipple for science

With a resurgence in cider production offering an alternative income stream for Tasmanian orchardists, the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) has launched a cider research program. TIA researchers Dr Anna Carew (left) and Dr Fiona Kerslake (right) winding down after a hard day running a cider tasting. Photo credit: Mr Andrew Miller, Stock and [...]

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Is apple cider set to become a major player in the domestic drink market?

Author: Dr Heidi Parkes Horticulturist, Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 07 4681 6126 | If you have taken a look in your local bottle shop fridge recently, you will probably have noticed a steady rise in the volume and variety of apple ciders on sale. Where once a cider drinker [...]

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Cider Australia takes over Canberra

Blog author: Jane Anderson Executive Officer, Cider Australia 0434 559 759 | Jane Anderson, Executive Officer of Cider Australia, discusses recent cider tasting events held in Canberra, Cider Australia's AGM and why cider labeling is important. Peak industry body Cider Australia met in Canberra in early March to move forward the agenda [...]

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CiderFest and Cider Industry Conference 2014

Blog author: Mr Kevin DoddsDevelopment Officer - Temperate Fruits NSW Dept. of Primary Industries, Tumut 02 6941 1405 | Kevin Dodds, Development Officer - Temperate Fruits, NSW Department of Primary Industries, encourages all cider lovers and makers to attend this year's CiderFest and Cider Industry Conference. CiderFest is a unique combination of Industry Conference [...]

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