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Canopy drives water use

Gordon Brown reviews South African research on water use in Cripps Pink and Golden Delicious highlighting the importance of understanding water use when planning orchard systems. The Western Cape region of South Africa experiences Mediterranean climatic conditions where most of the rain falls during winter. Like many apple growing-regions in Australia this region experiences severe [...]

Growing a quality crop with limited water

With growers looking to set up their crop for the coming season with the possibility of limited water, AgFirst’s John Wilton explores ways to grow marketable crops in a dry year; methods that are also relevant if water is not an issue. High quality requires thinning to well-spaced singles. Matching crop load to [...]

Speed updating gives growers a fast serve of current R&D

In June, as part of Hort Connections 2018, APAL ran its annual Speed Updating event where industry researchers shared key information for growers about their findings. Funded by Hort Innovation as part of the Australian Apple and Pear Innovation and Adoption Program, this year’s Speed Updating was attended by more than 130 people. PIPS The [...]

What becomes of nitrogen in your orchard?

Researchers are using nitrogen-tracing technology to help improve apple fruit quality and optimise nitrogen use efficiency by investigating the fate of nitrogen derived from fertiliser over two seasons. PhD candidate Bi Tan applying nitrogen fertiliser to Gala trees in the orchard trial to help understand what becomes of applied nitrogen. Applying nitrogen fertiliser [...]

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Future Orchards trial report: Nutrition and Pink Lady colour

Download the final report for the Future Orchards® trial: Possible nutrition influence on Pink Lady colour. Region: Stanthorpe, Qld Contact: Stephen Tancred  

Future Orchards trial report: Wetting agents and dry soils

Download the final report for the Future Orchards® trial: Use of wetting agent / surfactant to improve water penetration and distribution into dry soils or repellent soils. Region: Goulburn Valley, Victoria Contact: Julie Godwill, Elizabeth Mace, Bhupinder Kaur, Petar Bursac  

Post-harvest quality: slowing down the ‘ticking clock’

Nutrition, fruit maturity and climatic conditions are among the pre-harvest factors which can have an impact on the quality of apples post-harvest, according to Dr Hannah James, AgroFresh Research and Development Manager Australia/New Zealand . AgroFresh's Dr Hannah James says the process of getting an apple from the orchard through to the consumers’ hands [...]

Pears may need 50% less water

Water savings are just one of the productivity benefits expected to flow from an international pear research collaboration underway at Tatura, in the Goulburn Valley, Victoria. Early results of the jointly-funded Agriculture Victoria and Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge and Innovation (VESKI) sustainable agriculture fellowship program indicate pear growers may be able to significantly save [...]

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Strategically managing water and nitrogen

Researchers are transforming existing knowledge about how apple trees take up and use nitrogen and water into a useful decision support tool that growers will be able to use to help manage nitrogen and irrigation in apple orchards for a desired crop outcome. To help apple growers manage their orchard’s irrigation and nitrogen inputs, we [...]

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Calcium to combat post-harvest disorders

AgFirst’s Dean Rainham outlines some practical management strategies to obtain optimum calcium levels in apple trees because inadequate calcium can result in post-harvest disorders such as bitter pit and blotch. Calcium supports cell wall integrity and, without sufficient calcium, cells become leaky, more prone to disease and can collapse and die. The incidence of bitter [...]