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Watts in your Business

Survey results  |  Energy-saving walks  |  Fact sheets & case studies  |  Final technical report Energy use in Australian orchards accounts for a large proportion of production costs – a major financial burden for temperate fruit businesses. The ‘Watts in Your Business’ energy efficiency information project has identified ways in which businesses can reduce energy use [...]

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Invest in energy efficiency, better than money in the bank

After an energy audit of his business, apple grower and packer Ian Cathels of Ardrossan Batlow Apples, NSW, has implemented some energy-saving measures that have significantly reduced his electricity costs. Last year, KMH Environmental conducted energy audits in 30 fruit production businesses across Australia as part of APAL’s Watts in Your Business program to identify [...]

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Convert packing shed waste to profit

By Russell Soderlund SARDI is investigating the value of pulp waste from juicing plants because it may have potential as a high-nutrient product. Waste interviews with the managers of four packing sheds in South Australia has shed light on how they can reduce waste to improve business efficiencies. The South Australian government agency Zero [...]

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Solar panels cut packing shed costs

By Russell Soderlund Solar panels installed on the OzPac packing shed – it will take just six years to pay back the cost of the panels, based on how much energy they will save and rebates. Victorian grower and packer Rocky Varapodio has turned knowledge into power – literally – by changing packing [...]

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Selecting the “best” refrigerant for cool rooms

HCFCs are commonly used as refrigerants in cool rooms that store fruit, but they are being phased out and by 2016 no more imports will be allowed. Therefore, packing shed managers need to start planning to replace them now. Author: Annie Farrow Industry Services Manager, APAL 03 9329 3511 “HCFCs are being [...]

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Variable speed drives for irrigation

In this case story from the Watts in Your Business project that completed 30 energy audits on packing sheds and orchards Australia-wide, we see how installing variable speed drives on irrigation motors can reduce electricity costs. Author: Amanda Booth Environmental Consultant, KMH Enviromental 02 9468 9348 The Sunfruit Orchards in Tresco, Victoria, [...]

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Watts in Your Business project draws to a close

Attendees at a Watts in Your Business presentation. The 'Watts in your Business' energy efficiency program managed by APAL and undertaken with Summerfruit Australia Limited and Cherry Growers Australia Inc. is almost complete. The final project activity is to find out if the program made a difference to fruit production businesses. APAL Industry Services Manager [...]

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Upgrading refrigeration key to saving energy

Refrigeration is the biggest energy cost for fruit production, storage and packing businesses, but there are ways to cut costs.   Author: Amanda Booth Environmental Consultant, KMH Enviromental 02 9468 9348 APAL’s ‘Watts in Your Business’ project did energy audits on 30 orchards and packing sheds Australia-wide and showed that, on average [...]

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Launch of ‘Watts in Your Business’ energy saving walks

More than 50 people came along to the national launch of the ‘Watts in Your Business’ energy saving walks in Ardmona, Victoria, to learn how to cut electricity costs in their packing sheds and orchards. Amanda Booth discusses with fruit growers how to save energy and cut electricity costs in their orchards and packing [...]

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Understanding electricity tariffs can save you money

The ‘Watts in Your Business’ project has completed energy audits of 30 packhouses and orchards Australia-wide. This fact sheet shows how understanding tariffs in a packhouse/orchard can save money. Author: Amanda Booth Environmental Consultant, KMH Enviromental 02 9468 9348 In Australia there are three types of organisations involved in providing energy: Generators [...]

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