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Data and traceability pave the way for export quality

Data is the future, and increasingly the present. Tie Up Farming is a startup aiming to consolidate data activities for labour intensive industries with the goal of improving efficiency across the board, especially when it comes to preparing fruit for export. Tie Up Farming’s proposition is simple: make farming smarter. They do this by using [...]

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Consumer insights to drive refreshed pear marketing

New levy-funded research into pear consumer attitudes and perceptions will underpin refreshed Australian Pear branding and marketing reports Hort Innovation Marketing Manager Apple and Pears Olivia Grey. Following a tender process, research agency Fifty-Five Five has been engaged by Hort Innovation to undertake marketing levy-funded consumer research for the pear industry. One of the recommendations [...]

Snapshot of CSIRO’s report on megatrends

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz You can’t choose whether or not the change happens, but you can control how you react to it. Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, director of the CSIRO Data61 Insight Team, provides a snapshot of the upcoming report “Our Future World” which outlines the megatrends reshaping our global landscape. The concept of 'megatrends' [...]

No AgTech without Connectivity

Dr Hugo Britt explores a KPMG report and its implications for AgTech in Part one of a two-part series. Read part 2 here. The agricultural world is abuzz with talk of Agri 4.0: the opportunity to supercharge agricultural productivity through digitisation with the potential to grow Australian agriculture into a $100 billion industry by 2030. [...]

International apple & pear research – Autumn 2019

Research snippets are sourced from abstracts of published scientific papers collated in the CAB direct database. To get the abstract related to any snippet contact Gordon Brown on gordon@scientifichorticulture.com.au or 03 6239 6411. Nursery Rootstock performance in organic system Poland: A comparison of three dwarfing rootstocks (M9, M7 and M26) in an organic apple nursery [...]

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Canopy drives water use

Gordon Brown reviews South African research on water use in Cripps Pink and Golden Delicious highlighting the importance of understanding water use when planning orchard systems. The Western Cape region of South Africa experiences Mediterranean climatic conditions where most of the rain falls during winter. Like many apple growing-regions in Australia this region experiences severe [...]

Effects of crop load on apple fruit maturity

Fruit maturity at harvest plays a key role in quality. Dario Stefanelli, of Agriculture Victoria, outlines the results of trials into the effect of crop load on fruit maturity which form part of an international collaborative project to better understand biennial bearing. Apples are among the most important commercial fruit crops grown worldwide. Meeting market [...]

New path for trans-Tasman breeding program

A new ownership structure for the trans-Tasman breeding program, Prevar, will benefit growers on both sides of the Tasman. Prevar was established in 2005 to commercialise new apple and pear cultivars bred by New Zealand’s research organisation Plant & Food Research Limited (PFR). Since its establishment, Prevar has delivered 12 cultivars to Australian growers. Brands that have been [...]

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International apple & pear research – Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Snippets of the latest apple and pear research from all around the world covering nursery and breeding; production; robotics; pests and diseases; post-harvest; and consumer interest. Production Harvest timing: Brazil: Spraying Gala apple trees with 1-MCP delayed harvest by 5.5 days and increased fruit size by 2% while spraying with AVG delayed harvest by 9 [...]

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International apple & pear research – Oct/Nov 2018

Snippets of the latest apple and pear research from all around the world covering nursery and breeding; production; robotics; pests and diseases; post-harvest; and consumer interest. Nursery and breeding Honeycrisp improvement efforts USA: Soft scald and soggy breakdown genes of ‘Honeycrisp’ have been identified allowing for markerassisted breeding to rapidly identify tree resistance in breeding [...]

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