Call for APAL Director nominations

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) is seeking nominations from A Class members of APAL who live in Tasmania or Queensland, and/or grow pears, and are interested in filling three Director vacancies on the Board of APAL representing the states of Tasmania, Queensland, and Pears respectively. APAL Directors hold office for three years, after which [...]

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Water shortage a unifying issue

From left: Stuart Burgess (Tas), Susie Green (SA), Robert Hardie (NSW), Mitchell McNab (Vic), and Nardia Stacy (WA). Supporting growers to manage orchards in the face of looming water shortages was top of the agenda when apple and pear industry leaders met in Melbourne this week. State Association representatives from across the country [...]

Fair Farms launches nationally

  Fair Farms, the industry-developed workplace training and certification program for employers in the Australian horticulture industry, was officially launched on Monday June 24 at Hort Connections in Melbourne. Developed by the peak representative body for Queensland horticulture, Growcom, Fair Farms is the industry’s proactive response to identified problems around workplace compliance and exploitation within [...]

Queensland state report – Autumn 2019

The last few months of the growing season in Queensland have been challenging. This has mostly been due to the adverse weather conditions of high temperatures, a lack of rainfall, and the need to manage crop load in response. The last two months were supposed to be the wettest of the year, but very little [...]

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Queensland state report – Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Growing fruit, we orchardists constantly have to manage variability in everything we do. We find ourselves constantly at the mercy of the weather, which at times can seem to have a greater impact on outcomes than our management and lead to unforeseen outcomes, sometime good, sometimes not so good. We try to limit these unforeseen [...]

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Queensland state report – Aug/Sep 2018

The end of the 2017–18 season can be described as a lower-yielding season and generally an ‘off’ crop compared to previous seasons for the area. Ross Wilson explains pruning requirements. The reduced figures are generally ranging between 10 and 30 per cent. Better yields can thus be expected in the upcoming season, all [...]

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Queensland state report – Jun/Jul 2018

Most producers in the area were well into harvesting their Cripps Pink crops at the time of writing. Reflective silver paper under them was a common sight at that time. Onset of maturity was still roughly a week earlier than last season. Temperatures only started cooling off towards the middle of April, giving some convincing [...]

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Queensland state report – Apr/May 2018

Harvest is well under way in the area, with Gala complete and other cultivars starting to come through. The anticipated Gala harvest is generally lower by a fair amount than previously expected and reported, which is believed to be a hangover effect from the significant heat received this time last year, when Gala received the [...]

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QLD seeks feedback on Solar Farm Planning Guidelines

The Queensland Government is seeking feedback on Solar Farm Planning Guidelines developed to manage an anticipated expansion of the solar industry in the state.   The guidelines aim to manage the expansion of the solar industry in a way that ensures it balances the interests of all stakeholders. Download the guidelines. Plans to [...]

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Queensland state report – Feb/Mar 2018

The notion that you usually have more fruit than you think has again proven itself this season. After a weary start to the season with a rather erratic and abnormal flowering period, fruit set has been higher than originally expected. Fruitlet thinning is nearing completion across the region for most cultivars and the benefits are [...]

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