Pruning and training

Growing a quality crop with limited water

With growers looking to set up their crop for the coming season with the possibility of limited water, AgFirst’s John Wilton explores ways to grow marketable crops in a dry year; methods that are also relevant if water is not an issue. High quality requires thinning to well-spaced singles. Matching crop load to [...]

Speed updating gives growers a fast serve of current R&D

In June, as part of Hort Connections 2018, APAL ran its annual Speed Updating event where industry researchers shared key information for growers about their findings. Funded by Hort Innovation as part of the Australian Apple and Pear Innovation and Adoption Program, this year’s Speed Updating was attended by more than 130 people. PIPS The [...]

Winter management critical for fruit quality

Now the pressure has come off after a busy harvesting season, winter is a great time to review the successes of the season and, more importantly, where you didn’t quite hit the home runs you were after. Once this has been done you can plan a new, improved strategy for next season. As you often hear, “the definition [...]

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Increase light interception for quality gains

Maximising light interception and light distribution in orchards can help growers to maximise yield and quality, according to an international tree fruit expert. Dr Stefano Musacchi, Endowed Chair of Tree Fruit Physiology and Management at Washington State University’s Department of Horticulture, recently visited Australia as part of the Future Orchards® program that is funded by [...]

Optimise pruning and fruit quality

Download the following presentation from the Future Orchards® walks winter 2018 series: Optimize pruning and fruit quality in apple orchards, Stefano Musacchi (USA) – Part 1 |  Part 2

Make a smart crop load management choice

In a commercial orchard in Tasmania a mix of different thinning and crop load management techniques have been put to the test, shedding light on which ones are the most cost- and time-effective to implement, and what impact they have on fruit quality and yield. A trial conducted in this Gala orchard in Tasmania [...]

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Setting the orchard up for the 2018 crop

AgFirst's John Wilton looks at what to do now to prepare for the 2018 crop covering thinning, setting crop loads, summer pruning and tree vigour management. Healthy Jazz buds. By now it should be possible to see the level of fruitset for the coming crop and determine how effective chemical thinning programs have [...]

Future Orchards trial report: Evaluating SNAP trees

Download the final report for the Future Orchards® trial: Evaluating the value of SNAP trees. Region: Manjimup, WA Contact: Susie Murphy White  

Future Orchards trial update: Fuji cincturing for return bloom

Download the interim report for the Future Orchards® trial: Fuji cincturing for return bloom 2016/17 Region: Batlow, NSW Contact: Kevin Dodds  

2017 Pear Masterclass – notes and presentations

At the 2017 Pear Masterclass held on 6 June at Merrigum, Victoria, pear growers and advisors were given some insights into Integrated Pest Management and pear russeting. Special guests Marcel Veens, Horticultural Advisor and Dr Paul Horne, IPM Technologies, gave presentations, followed by a pear pruning demonstration at Jeftomsons’s Merrigum Orchard, Victoria. Dr Paul Horne, IPM Technologies Integrated Pest [...]