Profitable pears

Consumer insights to drive refreshed pear marketing

New levy-funded research into pear consumer attitudes and perceptions will underpin refreshed Australian Pear branding and marketing reports Hort Innovation Marketing Manager Apple and Pears Olivia Grey. Following a tender process, research agency Fifty-Five Five has been engaged by Hort Innovation to undertake marketing levy-funded consumer research for the pear industry. One of the recommendations [...]

Giving the consumer the pear they want

APAL’s Head of Group Quality and Innovation Andrew Mandemaker argues there is much to be gained by pre-conditioning pears, but we need to learn from experience. Most consumers want to bite into a soft pear, anticipating that a soft pear will be juicier, sweeter and fuller of flavour than its firmer counterpart. Concerningly, research by [...]

Chill requirements of new pear cultivars

Researchers are uncovering the chill requirements of new and old pear cultivars including ANP-0131 (Deliza®), ANP-0118 (Lanya®), ANP-0534, and PremP009 (Piqa®Boo®). In doing so they hope to understand the suitability of these cultivars for the Goulburn Valley now and under future climates. When selecting new varieties, growers consider many important factors including marketability, time to [...]

Event flush with new blush pear research

At a recent blush pear research event at the Agriculture Victoria Blush Pear field laboratory at Tatura, pear producers were provided with results from post-harvest ripening and storage experiments conducted at the AgriBio Centre for AgriBioscience, Bundoora.  Pear growers learnt about the latest research on blush pear varieties at an event in Tatura, Victoria. [...]

Pruning techniques for pear trees

Updated 27 August 2015 The team at the Horticulture Centre of Excellence's pear field laboratory in Victoria have produced a series of webinars on pruning techniques for pear trees. Topics include: Cordon training systems for pear trees Managing leader growth on young pear trees How to notch dormant pear tree buds Removing unwanted growth points [...]

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