Pre-plant preparation

Trees take off on pre-planting treatment

A decision to treat his soil with chloropicrin prior to replanting to prevent apple replant disease (ARD) is amply rewarding Kirup grower Rob Tassone with vigorous, healthy trees off to a flying start. Young trees planted into soil treated with chloropicrin are well over Rob Tassone’s head six months after planting. ARD can [...]

Beneficial bacteria and chloropicrin vie for honours

Chloropicrin was the standout performer in the first year of a Future Orchards trial of pre-plant treatments of old apple ground in Manjimup, WA. Pomewest project manager and Future Orchards front line advisor for Western Australia Susie Murphy White revisits the trial to see how trees performed in the second year.   A Future Orchards® [...]

Orchard Trellis Design – A Balance of Forces

A Washington State study into designing high density orchard trellises has some useful messages and handy online tool for Australian growers. A new online tool which can reduce the risk of trellis failure under high load by customising orchard systems to meet the demands of local conditions is the key output of a recent Washington [...]

Strategic planning raises orchard profitability

Author: Kevin Manning Regional Technical Advisor, AgFirst | +64 6 872 7080 Strategic planning has enabled two Focus Orchards within the Future Orchards® program, one in Tasmania and one in Western Australia, to make great strides in lifting the income potential of their properties. Both provide exciting examples of what can be [...]

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