Post-harvest quality

Hort Connections: APAL Technical Sessions

Tuesday Wednesday Full Program Register     Tuesday 25 June | 2.00pm - 4.30pm | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre  Future Orchards Update Ross Wilson, Horticultural Consultant, AgFirst Session Synopsis Ross will update the audience on the key outcomes of FO in the last 12 months and look forward for the next [...]

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Harvest timing key to consistent quality

The allure of first-to-market premiums can be very compelling at harvest, but Angus Crawford explains picking too early leads to poor-tasting fruit that can turn consumers away long term. Tools exist to help make sure fruit is mature at harvest and consumers get the best eating experience. Apple sampling sessions at last year's Future [...]

APAL Industry Forum Speakers and Program

Agenda Register Now Awards Tickets     Monday 24 June | 9.00am - 5.30pm | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre  Opening Keynote Address: 2030 - Are you ready? Emerging megatrends explained Dr. Stefan Hajkowicz, Principal Scientist and Futurist, CSIRO Session Synopsis A futurist’s outlook on the emerging megatrends that will transform Australian [...]

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Simplifying quality at Nightingales

Simplicity is not the first word that springs to mind when considering the complexity of running five orchards across two states, a large packhouse and a fledgling cider operation. But at Nightingale Brothers, based in Victoria’s north east, continually striving for a way of delivering better quality more efficiently and smoothly is a goal that [...]

DCA offers benefits beyond the cold storage room

Cool storage technology for both apples and pears has advanced rapidly in Australia since 2014, particularly in Victoria, providing new opportunities for growers. HarvestWatch™ technology for use in Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) storage was developed in Canada in 2001. It has been in use internationally for nearly two decades and was first introduced to Australia [...]

Post-harvest physiology and technology seminar 2019

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 | 8:30am-5pm | PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport Successful management of apples and pears in the specialised area of post-harvest is increasingly driven by technology. Presenters at the 2019 post-harvest seminar will share information and examples of how the progressive operators, both locally and internationally, are implementing effective practices backed by an understanding [...]

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Project aims to broaden superficial scald prevention toolkit

The project aims to improve awareness of existing options for the prevention of the post harvest disorder superficial scald in apples. Broadening industry options for the prevention of the storage disorder superficial scald in apples and pears is the focus of a new project funded by Hort Innovation using the apple and pear [...]

What do packouts tell us about management?

The essential ingredient for increasing low consumer apple consumption in Australia is delivering a high-quality apple. As part of the Hort Innovation-funded Future Orchards® program, AgFirst’s John Wilton helps us to understand the myriad factors – from variety choice and maturity at harvest to storage technique – that affect fruit quality, and explains how growers [...]

Cripps Pink and Rosy Glow behave differently in storage

Currently, the two varieties Cripps Pink and Rosy Glow that produce Pink Lady® branded apples, are managed the same in storage by industry. However, we have found differences in their storage behaviour that could warrant either separation of the two during storage or an additional 1-MCP treatment being applied to Rosy Glow during storage. Cripps Pink and Rosy [...]

Post-harvest management for quality

  Harvest is a busy time and with fruit flowing in, weather and prices changing daily and the need to make decisions quickly, it pays to have some background information to help assess the ramifications of those decisions fresh in mind. A considerable amount of levy payer money goes into researching the impact of various [...]