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Winter Biosecurity update

Winter is the perfect time to ensure your farm biosecurity plan is in working order, says the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Plant Biosecurity Officer Pip Cotter. Winter is a good time to focus on re-evaluating, improving or creating an effective biosecurity plan while the orchard and the pests and diseases that threaten it lie [...]

Riding the Wave: 7 Megatrends Impacting the Industry

How Apple and Pear Growers Can Respond To 7 Megatrends Impacting the Industry Written by Dr Hugo Britt. Deadly rips have killed 230 Australians over the past 12 years. Typically, swimmers perish because they attempt to fight against the current, become exhausted, and can no longer keep their heads above the water. The rip either [...]

Trees take off on pre-planting treatment

A decision to treat his soil with chloropicrin prior to replanting to prevent apple replant disease (ARD) is amply rewarding Kirup grower Rob Tassone with vigorous, healthy trees off to a flying start. Young trees planted into soil treated with chloropicrin are well over Rob Tassone’s head six months after planting. ARD can [...]

Beneficial bacteria and chloropicrin vie for honours

Chloropicrin was the standout performer in the first year of a Future Orchards trial of pre-plant treatments of old apple ground in Manjimup, WA. Pomewest project manager and Future Orchards front line advisor for Western Australia Susie Murphy White revisits the trial to see how trees performed in the second year.   A Future Orchards® [...]

Recent detections of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

United States Department of Agriculture photo by Stephen Ausmus. Australia is facing an increasing threat from one of the world’s most invasive pests. Six post-border detections have occurred in the current BMSB season (September to April) across Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia on a variety of imported cargo, from terracotta pots to tractors [...]

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East-West Collaboration Tackles Costly Pest

Fruit flies cost Western Australia’s horticulture industry $10.2 million per annum in lost production and control measures so it’s little wonder scientists, growers and government are investing heavily to tackle the pest once and for all. Recently invited to view WA’s Sterile Insect Technology (SIT) facilities in Perth and Carnarvon, Victorian Goulburn Murray Valley Regional [...]

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New fruit fly handbook and website

Get familiar with the diversity of fruit flies worldwide with a new handbook and website that makes identification easier – hopefully aiding in the early detection of exotic pest incursions. Photo: Nick Woods, Plant Health Australia The business of sorting and identifying the thousands of tephritid ‘true’ fruit flies affecting a wide variety [...]

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Systems-based approach gives good Qfly control

Dan Papacek, Bugs for Bugs, told FGV Conference attendees Central Burnett, QLD, growers have achieved good control of Qfly using Area Wide Management techniques. It is possible to get first-class management of Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) in areas where the pest is endemic, with a low-cost systems-based approach, according to Queensland entomologist Dan [...]

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Speed updating gives growers a fast serve of current R&D

In June, as part of Hort Connections 2018, APAL ran its annual Speed Updating event where industry researchers shared key information for growers about their findings. Funded by Hort Innovation as part of the Australian Apple and Pear Innovation and Adoption Program, this year’s Speed Updating was attended by more than 130 people. PIPS The [...]

Killer wasps and better pheromones target codling moth

Changes to the types of pesticide available for use in fruit production, and the progress of research into biological control of major insect pests, are providing fruit growers with safer, more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly options to incorporate into their pest management systems. Mastrus ridens - a new biocontrol agent that targets codling moth has been introduced into [...]

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