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New fruit fly handbook and website

Get familiar with the diversity of fruit flies worldwide with a new handbook and website that makes identification easier – hopefully aiding in the early detection of exotic pest incursions. Photo: Nick Woods, Plant Health Australia The business of sorting and identifying the thousands of tephritid ‘true’ fruit flies affecting a wide variety [...]

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Systems-based approach gives good Qfly control

Dan Papacek, Bugs for Bugs, told FGV Conference attendees Central Burnett, QLD, growers have achieved good control of Qfly using Area Wide Management techniques. It is possible to get first-class management of Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) in areas where the pest is endemic, with a low-cost systems-based approach, according to Queensland entomologist Dan [...]

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Speed updating gives growers a fast serve of current R&D

In June, as part of Hort Connections 2018, APAL ran its annual Speed Updating event where industry researchers shared key information for growers about their findings. Funded by Hort Innovation as part of the Australian Apple and Pear Innovation and Adoption Program, this year’s Speed Updating was attended by more than 130 people. PIPS The [...]

Killer wasps and better pheromones target codling moth

Changes to the types of pesticide available for use in fruit production, and the progress of research into biological control of major insect pests, are providing fruit growers with safer, more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly options to incorporate into their pest management systems. Mastrus ridens - a new biocontrol agent that targets codling moth has been introduced into [...]

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New website for Qfly management

Whether you know a little or a lot about Queensland Fruit Fly,  a new website launched by the SITplus consortium is the essential place to get started on managing horticulture's most economically damaging pest. Release of sterile Queensland Fruit Flies (Qfly) will commence later this year under the SITplus release program to combat recent outbreaks [...]

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Grant offers hope to register product for Alternaria disease

In a recent development for apple growers concerned about the disease-causing fungus Alternaria, the Australian Government will fund research to support the registration of the crop protection product Switch (Cyprodinil and Fludioxonil) for Alternaria. The funding was announced under Round 3 of the Australian Government’s AgVet Chemical Grants Program to improve farmers’ access to agvet [...]

Funding to boost WA apples exports

Orchards in Manjimup and Pemberton are part of a new four-year research project aiming to boost exports of Western Australian apples to valuable northern Asian markets by establishing pest management credentials. Dr Rieks Van Klinken, CSIRO, with Pomewest Chair and Manjimup grower Harvey Giblett and Kim James, WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional [...]

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New IPM Manual on its way

A new integrated pest, diseases and weed management project for the pome fruit industry has kicked off, with Principal Research Scientist David Williams from the Victorian Government heading the work. An updated IPM Manual is in production to help identify and share best IPM practices to help growers to manage pests, diseases and weeds [...]

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Another Qfly found in Tas as surveillance continues

The detection of one male Queensland fruit fly in the Launceston suburb Mowbray in the State’s north is of significant concern to Tasmania’s apple and pear growers. The presence of fly in a trap is being investigated by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE), following a report from a member of [...]

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Fruit fly challenges for the island state

Mid-January saw news arrive for Tasmanian apple growers that they thought they’d never hear – outbreaks of Queensland fruit fly. Tasmanian apple growers Shane Weeks (lt) and Brett Squibb (rt) are following new protocols to transport their fruit outside the State. From initial reports of detections on Flinders Island in Bass Strait to [...]

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