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Where to for packaging in a war-on-waste world?

Researcher Dr Hugo Britt examines the latest trends in fresh produce packaging and the challenges and opportunities they present for growers and marketers.   After the ABC’s War on Waste placed the use of packaging in the fresh produce sections of Australia’s supermarkets under close scrutiny, growers and retailers are under pressure from customers to reduce [...]

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Hailstorm Heroes returns in 2019

After devastating hailstorms in South Australia late last year, new season fruit has been left dotted with hail marks for the second year running. South Australian growers want to assure consumers that a few spots on the skin of the fruit do not affect the texture or flavour in any way. However, to draw attention [...]

Post-harvest costs poorly understood, project reveals

Victorian apple and pear growers could significantly reduce costs by adopting new packing technology and smarter marketing, according to a preliminary analysis of packhouse costs carried out in 2017. They may also be better off to mothball old or smaller sites and combine capacity via very large (by Australian standards) new, state-of-the-art facilities to drive [...]

How the world markets apples

Author: John Fitzsimmons Konzept VZ 0418 552 541 The world at large is a competitive market. We are pitted against other growers – both domestic and foreign – and we are likewise competing across multiple supply chains. So, how do others market their produce? The recent Fruit Logistica Berlin provided some interesting [...]

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