Orchard design and density

Planting systems for blush pears

Agriculture Victoria shares the results of their experiment within the Profitable Pears project to help identify the best rootstock, planting density and training system for blush pears.   Replanting or establishing new orchard blocks is a costly exercise. Decisions regarding cultivar, rootstock, training system and planting density have implications for not just potential profits but also [...]

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Pear Masterclass focusses on orchard management

Experts with global experience shared advice about orchard management for quality pears at the Future Orchards® Pear Masterclass last week. Associate Professor Stefano Musacchi, Washington State University. at the Tatura research orchard. About 40 growers travelled to Agriculture Victoria’s Tatura centre and heard from guest speakers including Associate Professor Stefano Musacchi, Washington State [...]

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What will the ‘future orchard’ look like?

AgFirst’s Nic Finger outlines what the future might look like for Australian apple and pear orchards in 20-30 years as efficient and simple orchards become more prominent. There is no denying that current orchard management practices are shifting towards efficient designs whereby productivity is maximised for a given, and often limited, set of resources. Intensification, [...]

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Orchard Trellis Design – A Balance of Forces

A Washington State study into designing high density orchard trellises has some useful messages and handy online tool for Australian growers. A new online tool which can reduce the risk of trellis failure under high load by customising orchard systems to meet the demands of local conditions is the key output of a recent Washington [...]

Robot-ready 2D orchards

Mark Trzaskoma, the Production Manager at Battunga Orchards, Victoria, is APAL’s 2016 Grower of the Year and has been transforming the orchard’s blocks in the aim to make them all two dimensional and robot-ready.    Mark has been working at Battunga Orchards for 12 years and received the 2016 Grower of the Year award for [...]

Designing labour efficient canopies

Notes and presentation from Ross Wilson, AgFirst, during the June 2016 Future Orchards® winter walks. Designing labour efficient canopies – notes Designing labour efficient canopies – presentation

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Orchard redevelopment

By John Wilton A sustainable orchard business needs to have a planned orchard redevelopment programme in order to maintain its variety mix and plantings at a profitable level of production and returns. This planning needs to be long term, at least five years out and preferably longer. Good orchard performance data should be the basis [...]

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The Australian orchard of the future

By Jesse Reader At the 2015 National Horticulture Convention, Jesse Reader convened a panel discussion titled ‘Tripling orchard profitability by 2030, can you do it?’ Here Jesse shares some key points from the discussion that highlighted features of the future Australian orchard.  A two dimensional fruit wall. This discussion was centred on the [...]

Q&A at Battunga Orchards: Harvesting data and pruning by numbers

By Jesse Reader AgFirst's Jesse Reader interviews Mark Trzaskoma of Battunga Orchards as part of a grower case study of orchard optimisation in Victoria. Auvil Fruit Company in the USA: it's not hard to see where Mark's inspiration came from. It becomes apparent very quickly when you drive into Battunga Orchards in Gippsland, [...]

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Improving labour productivity in orchards

The Future Orchards® March 2015 orchard walks looked at ways to review the performance of our current season in 2015 as well as ways to improve on farm labour productivity. These harvest orchard walks asked the question: Have orchard blocks met expectations for the year? Harvest is a time when the results of management are [...]