Netting, hail and sunburn

South Australia wins planning exemption for orchard netting

South Australian growers will no longer be required to seek local council planning consent for orchard netting after the State Government agreed to grant an exemption from planning requirements. Apple & Pear Growers Association of SA (APGASA) put a submission into the Simplify Regulation Unit of the South Australian Government last year calling for horticultural [...]

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Determination to stop hail damage grows netting business

Wild weather events that can damage crops, such as the hail storms that hit Victorian and South Australian fruit growers last year, highlight the importance of protecting fruit trees with netting. Thirteen years ago Michael Cunial decided he’d had enough of losing crops to hail damage in his Orange, NSW, orchard and he wanted to [...]

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SIAP meets to consider SA hail response

The apple and pear Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) which advises Hort Innovation on apple and pear levy investment met in mid December to review South Australian hail impact assessments and consider a proposed domestic marketing concept. The focus of the extraordinary teleconference meeting was to provide a quick response to the completed assessment of the [...]

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Adelaide Hills growers review post-hail options

Apple and pear industry bodies, Government and service providers are working together to provide growers hit by the destructive Adelaide Hills hail storms of October 30 with support and advice to manage hail-affected crops. Hail affected Adelaide Hills growers at a meeting organised by the Apple and Pear Growers Association of South Australia (APGASA) [...]

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Hail-affected Adelaide Hills growers review options

  Adelaide Hills growers will meet this Friday, November 10, to review their options for managing crops impacted by the devastating hail event last Monday. Hail affected 85pc of crops across the Adelaide Hills. Photo supplied: Susie Green, APGASA Apple and Pears Growers’ Association SA CEO Susie Green said with the assessment process [...]

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Netting, your best insurance

By Sophie Clayton Hail is the number one enemy of NSW apple growers The Westcastle Partnership, but with a long term plan and some recent help from the NSW State Government, they have now netted most of their orchard.    Around 80 per cent of orchards around Orange are now netted with either structured or drape netting. Devastating hailstorms have once [...]

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Black or white netting, which is best?

Susie Murphy White, Rohan Prince and Lisa Starkie Black and white netting in the Manjimup demonstration site. DAFWA and Pomewest researchers share more results from their netting trial in Manjimup, Western Australia, to assess the differences in using black and white netting.   A netting demonstration site at Lyster’s Matijari Orchard, Manjimup, Western Australia, was set up to demonstrate the benefits of netting under Western [...]

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Fruit surface temperature and sunburn damage of red-blushed pears

By Lexie McClymont, Ian Goodwin, Rebecca Darbyshire and Susanna Turpin As we head into summer, the pear team from the Horticulture Centre of Excellence share their latest research on sun and temperature damage in red-blushed pears. Pear fruit are subject to sun damage from high fruit surface temperature. The potential losses of new fresh market [...]

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South Australia develops netting cost benefit calculator

If you're not sure if you can afford netting or want some guidance, try the new netting calculator developed for South Australian growers, because maybe you can't afford not to net! The team at the Apple and Pear Growers Association of South Australia (APGASA) in conjunction with Natural Logic (Australia) Pty Ltd and Econsearch have developed [...]

Netting trial results in WA

By Rohan Prince and Susie Murphy White A trial in Western Australia is showing that netted apple orchards – especially when drip irrigation is used – can increase water-use efficiency and have the potential to produce good marketable yields and fruit colour under netting. Encouraging and exciting results have been realised in the second season [...]

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