Netting, hail and sunburn

Hailstorm Heroes wins Marketer of the Year award

  APAL congratulates Hort Innovation's Olivia Grey for winning the Marketer of the Year award after her role in the successful Hailstorm Heroes campaign developed to highlight the good eating quality of South Australian apple and pears despite superficial blemishes incurred in major hailstorms early in the growing season in 2018. The campaign was well [...]

Riding the Wave: 7 Megatrends Impacting the Industry

How Apple and Pear Growers Can Respond To 7 Megatrends Impacting the Industry Written by Dr Hugo Britt. Deadly rips have killed 230 Australians over the past 12 years. Typically, swimmers perish because they attempt to fight against the current, become exhausted, and can no longer keep their heads above the water. The rip either [...]

Dry conditions impact Victoria’s apple and pear crops

Written by Amelia Pepe. This article originally appeared on The Weekly Times on 19/6/2019. Volumes down: Fruit Growers Victoria grower services manager Michael Crisera said the remainder of this year’s apple and pear season has seen little respite from the dry conditions facing growers across Victoria. Pear and apple volumes in Victoria have [...]

Hailstorm Heroes campaign in running for marketing award

  The levy-funded Hailstorm Heroes marketing campaign for hail-affected apples and pears and Freshmax's Every bite a masterpiece™ campaign for Modi® apples are both in the running for a prestigious fresh produce and floral industries marketing award to be announced at Hort Connections 2019. Campaign managers for the two campaigns - Hort Innovation's Apple and Pear Marketing [...]

APAL Leads Calls for National Netting Program

Record temperatures, devastating storms and drought-related pest infestations have prompted the apple and pear industry to call for a government-subsidised National Netting Program. Led by APAL, state members, federal members, and candidates are being lobbied to: Establish a national netting grant program; Introduce accelerated depreciation for netting; Improved ease and accessibility of low-interest loans; and [...]

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Managing Climate Risk

The politicians may still be arguing about climate change, but growers are facing the impacts of increasingly erratic climate daily. At the latest round of Future Orchards® walks, AgFirst consultant Steve Spark shared some practical ideas on how to plan for and mitigate the risks associated with climate change. Managing climate risks are probably one [...]

A national netting program for apples and pears

Extreme weather events this year have highlighted the need for netting to protect against hail, sunburn, birds and flying foxes. APAL’s Head of Government Relations and Advocacy Jeremy Griffith has been busy developing a submission to Government for a program of achievable support for growers to protect their crops and improve long term sustainability. Weather [...]

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Hailstorm Heroes returns in 2019

After devastating hailstorms in South Australia late last year, new season fruit has been left dotted with hail marks for the second year running. South Australian growers want to assure consumers that a few spots on the skin of the fruit do not affect the texture or flavour in any way. However, to draw attention [...]

Annual Crop Estimate Impacted by Extreme Weather

Unprecedented heat and worsening drought conditions in many growing regions has prompted calls for the annual Apple & Pear Crop Estimate to be downgraded, just weeks after its initial release. Despite early signs of a bumper apple crop (initially predicted to be up more than 8 per cent on last year by the AgFirst and [...]

Orchards get sun smart in record heatwave

With temperatures soaring well above 40 degrees around Australia, the recent heatwave has once again raised the issue of sun protection for fruit. Options include everything from spray-on sun protection products, to shade netting, to overhead misting and sprinkler systems to bring orchard temperatures down. The maximum temperature of the sun-exposed fruit surface of apples [...]