Netting, hail and sunburn

Hailstorm Heroes returns in 2019

After devastating hailstorms in South Australia late last year, new season fruit has been left dotted with hail marks for the second year running. South Australian growers want to assure consumers that a few spots on the skin of the fruit do not affect the texture or flavour in any way. However, to draw attention [...]

Annual Crop Estimate Impacted by Extreme Weather

Unprecedented heat and worsening drought conditions in many growing regions has prompted calls for the annual Apple & Pear Crop Estimate to be downgraded, just weeks after its initial release. Despite early signs of a bumper apple crop (initially predicted to be up more than 8 per cent on last year by the AgFirst and [...]

Orchards get sun smart in record heatwave

With temperatures soaring well above 40 degrees around Australia, the recent heatwave has once again raised the issue of sun protection for fruit. Options include everything from spray-on sun protection products, to shade netting, to overhead misting and sprinkler systems to bring orchard temperatures down. The maximum temperature of the sun-exposed fruit surface of apples [...]

NSW Hailstorm update

Coming just weeks after hailstorms swept the Adelaide Hills region, heavy midnight storm systems over Orange, NSW, dumped 20 millimeters of rain in just 14 minutes with far higher rainfall totals recorded over the December 13 - 14 period. Accompanied by hail and heavy winds, apple and cherry crops were heavily impacted. Those apple orchards [...]

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SA Hailstorm update

Apple and Pear Growers Association of South Australia (APGASA) CEO Susie Green has given an update on the damage to crops incurred during the hailstorm two weeks ago. APGASA undertook damage assessments late last week by sampling around 85 blocks across the Adelaide Hills Region, with at least one sample collected from nearly every grower. As [...]

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SA growers count crop losses after hail strikes again

  APGASA CEO Susie Green addresses a grower meeting to discuss assessment of damage and next steps in the wake of last week's severe hail storms. For the second consecutive year, growers in the South Australian Adelaide Hills have been struck by severe hail storms, just as the new season's young fruit was [...]

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Shedding light on netting

Netting intercepts solar radiation, reducing the amount of energy reaching fruit and hence lowering the risk of sunburn and colour bleaching of fruit. However, netting also lowers radiation that is needed for photosynthesis and colour development. In this article we present some preliminary data on the effects of netting on some important wavelengths of light. [...]

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South Australia wins planning exemption for orchard netting

South Australian growers will no longer be required to seek local council planning consent for orchard netting after the State Government agreed to grant an exemption from planning requirements. Apple & Pear Growers Association of SA (APGASA) put a submission into the Simplify Regulation Unit of the South Australian Government last year calling for horticultural [...]

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Determination to stop hail damage grows netting business

Wild weather events that can damage crops, such as the hail storms that hit Victorian and South Australian fruit growers last year, highlight the importance of protecting fruit trees with netting. Thirteen years ago Michael Cunial decided he’d had enough of losing crops to hail damage in his Orange, NSW, orchard and he wanted to [...]

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SIAP meets to consider SA hail response

The apple and pear Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) which advises Hort Innovation on apple and pear levy investment met in mid December to review South Australian hail impact assessments and consider a proposed domestic marketing concept. The focus of the extraordinary teleconference meeting was to provide a quick response to the completed assessment of the [...]

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