Australian Chloe Dann takes Pink Lady photography award

When the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Awards were announced last month, Australian Chloe Dann found herself the winner of the Student Photographer of the Year award with image "The Carnal Supper", pictured below. View the rest of the winners here. "The Carnal Supper" by Chloe Dann To celebrate her win, [...]

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Chance of trip of a lifetime sees Pink Lady sales soar

The lure of a trip down under has helped more than double sales of Australian Pink Lady® apple packs in UK retailer M&S in a successful levy-funded marketing promotion run by Montague. Purchasers of the Australian Pink Lady packs were offered the chance to win a week for two in ‘the original home of Pink [...]

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Variety Showcase 2019

Australian apple and pear new variety offering continues to grow The Australian apple and pear new variety offering continues to grow as growers and breeders alike look for the next thing that will give consumers something new and exciting or growers disease resistance qualities enabling them to produce fruit grown with much less fungicidal inputs [...]

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New Kalei campaign set to sparkle

APAL are investing in retail activities to support the season launch of Kalei® - one of the emerging ‘managed brands’ to hit retailers’ shelves this season. The activity takes place  in 50 high consumer traffic Coles stores across South East Queensland where Rizzato and Sons, and Nicoletti Orchards are focussing this season’s Kalei® program. The [...]

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Ricó pears ready to roll

This article was originally published on Fruitnet on 26 March. Written by Matthew Jones. A new branded variety being grown in Australia's Goulburn Valley looks set to add plenty of personality to the pear category, with sales to begin in July. Characterised by a bright red blush, Ricó pears will hit retail shelves for a short time [...]

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Where to for packaging in a war-on-waste world?

Researcher Dr Hugo Britt examines the latest trends in fresh produce packaging and the challenges and opportunities they present for growers and marketers.   After the ABC’s War on Waste placed the use of packaging in the fresh produce sections of Australia’s supermarkets under close scrutiny, growers and retailers are under pressure from customers to reduce [...]

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Branded varieties burst into stores

With harvest season well under way, newer varieties are starting to make an appearance in stores. While some start earlier, March is the prime picking month for most varieties, meaning now is the best time to taste an apple you may not have tried before. One such variety is Kanzi, established in 2004 as part [...]

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Aussie Apples marketing update

Boosting consumption starts with engaging the consumer. Hort Innovation’s Apple and Pear Marketing Manager Olivia Grey details key target audiences and the strategies underway to encourage them to buy more apples in 2019. Hort Innovation marketing for Aussie Apples has focused on the Get Your Crunch on message. Welcome to the Aussie Apples [...]

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Positive trends for apple and pear sales

Harvest to Home The latest Nielsen Homescan data for Apples and Pears is now available on the Harvest to Home website, with the data revealing some positive trends for both industries. Apples: The value of apple sales for the 52 weeks ending 1 December 2018 grew by +4.7 per cent compared to the prior year. [...]

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Update on Apple and Pear Marketing Levy

Dear members, Following a presentation from Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) depicting an alternative marketing strategy and structure during October’s stakeholder meeting, APAL has, at the request of industry, engaged Hort Innovation seeking changes to ensure a more effective marketing program. Hort Innovation and APAL have discussed at length and agree that the ability [...]

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