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Apple consumer data now available online

Reports on consumer apple-purchasing behaviour, by volume, and by value, are now available via an online levy-funded dashboard Harvest to Home. Harvest to Home is an analytics tool, developed by global measurement and data analytics company Nielsen Australia, and Hort Innovation, providing insights on market performance and shopper behaviour for a range of industries. Reports are housed [...]

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Data – a vital business input

Collecting data may be time-consuming but, as Sarah Dunn from Battunga Orchards in West Gippsland shares, it can deliver significant cost savings and is vital in helping make good business decisions for long-term profitability. In an orchard, data collection can mean recording all daily activities including spraying, pruning, thinning, fruit measuring, pest monitoring, general maintenance, [...]

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2018 National Apple and Pear Crop Estimate

Key points: Gross pome production up 3 per cent Apples – Class 1 packout volumes down 7 per cent Pears – volumes up 14 per cent Other states lead Vic in trend to managed varieties The 2018 Australian apple and pear crop will be up three per cent on last year’s levels, but Class 1 [...]

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Orchard Business Analysis 2016-2017

The objective of the Future Orchards® Orchard Business Analysis (OBA) is to determine the productivity and economic performance of the Australian pome fruit industry. AgFirst collects the physical and financial data from a minimum of 24 orchard businesses, located throughout Australia. This data is then analysed and used to create an industry model.  This model captures the [...]

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Quality over quantity as growers report volumes down

Apple and pear volumes could be down as much as 10 per cent on pre-harvest forecasts according to end of season grower harvest reports, but the good news is that quality is up. Pink Lady® apples ready to be harvested in the next couple of days in southern Victoria. As Australia’s apple and [...]

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Apple and Pear Variety Register – 2017

By Angus Crawford APAL has updated our Apple and Pear Variety Register that provides growers with a summary of currently available varieties and those in development for Australia.  Apple and Pear Variety Register The aim of the register is to provide an independent overview of the array of apple and pear varieties currently available and [...]

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Apple exports at ten year high

By Wayne Prowse Exports of Australian apples are the best in a decade, while Indonesia continues to drive pear exports, as shown in Fresh Intelligence’s analysis of export data to November 2016.  Apples Australian apple exports are on track to reach 5,200 tonnes for 2016, which would be the highest result since 2006 according to [...]

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How does your orchard stack up?

The results of the most comprehensive study to determine how Australian apple and pear growing businesses are performing show that the benchmark yield increased by 28 per cent between 2014 and 2015 to an all-time high of 47.9 tonnes per hectare. Every year, AgFirst compiles the results of the Orchard Business Analysis (OBA) to determine [...]

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Export profits: making cents of the currency exchange

Author: Yang Song Economist, APAL 03 9329 3511 The depreciating Australian dollar has improved the Australian industry’s competitive position in a significant number of key markets. APAL’s Economist Yang Song, has identified which countries would benefit most from recent currency exchange rate movements and therefore would be good for Australian exporters to [...]

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Make your tree stats count

Two growers share their accounts of using the Australian Pome Fruit Tree Registry as AgFirst looks for more grower participation to gather the tree statistics the industry needs to make informed decisions to increase grower profitability. By Richard Pentreath By now most growers will have heard about the Australian Pome Fruit Tree Registry, but many [...]

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