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What type of connectivity is right for me?

Dr Hugo Britt continues his two part series on connectivity in Australian agriculture by delving into the different options available for growers. Read part 1 here. Without connectivity, there can be no digital enablement across Australian orchards. Growers who are looking to invest in AgTech and reap the benefits of real-time data must first ensure [...]

No AgTech without Connectivity

Dr Hugo Britt explores a KPMG report and its implications for AgTech in Part one of a two-part series. Read part 2 here. The agricultural world is abuzz with talk of Agri 4.0: the opportunity to supercharge agricultural productivity through digitisation with the potential to grow Australian agriculture into a $100 billion industry by 2030. [...]

Procurement for beginners

Drowning in a sea of supplier contracts, rising costs and process inefficiencies? Dr Hugo Britt outlines seven reasons why it might be time to hire a procurement professional. Suppliers can help drive innovation. Procurement professionals find, agree terms and acquire goods or services from an external source for organisations. Twenty years ago, the [...]

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Woolworths back supply chain revolution

Woolworths is launching a bold plan to stop food waste and reshape the supply chain with the use of technology. Partnering with independent start-up Escavox, the primary goal is to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables in all retail outlets by tracking and monitoring the produce from the farm gate to the supermarket. [...]

Don’t collect orchard data for data’s sake

Written by Hugo Britt. Remember the agricultural drone craze? Five years ago, there was a lot of excitement around the potential of drones to help farmers and growers monitor their operations from above. Drones were relatively inexpensive and frankly kind of fun – but after the initial excitement of piloting a buzzing drone wore off, [...]

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Farm technology Q&A with Jesse Reader

Technology is changing fast, and the orchard technology as fast as any. Growers looking to keep up to date need to keep an eye on what's up and coming in the tech sphere and how  best to prepare themselves for challenges and opportunities. APAL caught up with Jesse Reader, the Agriculture Sector Specialist at Robert Bosch [...]

APAL appointment to enhance industry decision making

APAL is pleased to welcome Hui Dang to the team in the role of Data Scientist. Her main role will be to manage, collect, and analyse data across the full spectrum of the apple and pear industry, including the analysis of data sets and the identification of patterns and trends. She will also be involved [...]

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Apple consumer data now available online

Reports on consumer apple-purchasing behaviour, by volume, and by value, are now available via an online levy-funded dashboard Harvest to Home. Harvest to Home is an analytics tool, developed by global measurement and data analytics company Nielsen Australia, and Hort Innovation, providing insights on market performance and shopper behaviour for a range of industries. Reports are housed [...]

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Data – a vital business input

Collecting data may be time-consuming but, as Sarah Dunn from Battunga Orchards in West Gippsland shares, it can deliver significant cost savings and is vital in helping make good business decisions for long-term profitability. In an orchard, data collection can mean recording all daily activities including spraying, pruning, thinning, fruit measuring, pest monitoring, general maintenance, [...]

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2018 National Apple and Pear Crop Estimate

Key points: Gross pome production up 3 per cent Apples – Class 1 packout volumes down 7 per cent Pears – volumes up 14 per cent Other states lead Vic in trend to managed varieties The 2018 Australian apple and pear crop will be up three per cent on last year’s levels, but Class 1 [...]

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