Hygiene and food safety

Industry Update: NSW Apple Tampering Incident

The media continues to report on instances of malicious tampering across the Australian fruit industry. These include instances involving apples, independently purchased at NSW supermarkets. These and all other fruit tampering claims are being investigated by relevant health and police authorities with police confirming instances of what appear to be ‘çopy-cat offending’ and ‘self-contamination’. Apple [...]

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Reducing food safety risk in pack houses

Researcher Elizabeth Frankish reports on the project she has begun to identify where food safety risks occur in apple production and to develop a code of practice to help growers, packers and others along the supply chain minimise those risks. Protective clothing is worn to prevent contamination from food handlers. Apples and pears [...]

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Aussie Apples – a safe choice

We've had some concern raised with us about apples and Listeria because of a Listeria outbreak in the USA linked to USA-grown apples. We want to assure all our partners and consumers of apples in Australia that this recall only related to USA-grown and processed apples. Australian-grown apples and apple products were not involved or [...]

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Australian grown fruit best for safety

Royal Gala apples - Australia has an outstanding track record for producing high quality and safe fresh fruit. The health and safety benefits of consuming Australian grown fruit have been highlighted following the recall of Chinese grown and packed frozen berries. The ABC reports that two brands of frozen berries – ‘Nannas’ and [...]

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Hygiene critical in packing sheds

To avoid disease outbreaks and apple recalls, good hygiene and food safety practices are essential in every orchard and packing shed. Author: Annie Farrow Industry Services Manager, APAL 03 9329 3511 afarrow@apal.org.au It’s important that everyone working in a food production business is aware of and always follows safe, hygienic food handling methods, [...]

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Queensland seeks to irradiate apples

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) is considering an application from Queensland’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFFQ) to allow apples to be irradiated. “Irradiation is being sought as an alternative treatment to some pesticides, which are no longer permitted or permissions for use have changed,” FSANZ chief Steve McCutcheon said in a Sun [...]

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