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Hailstorm Heroes wins Marketer of the Year award

  APAL congratulates Hort Innovation's Olivia Grey for winning the Marketer of the Year award after her role in the successful Hailstorm Heroes campaign developed to highlight the good eating quality of South Australian apple and pears despite superficial blemishes incurred in major hailstorms early in the growing season in 2018. The campaign was well [...]

Hong Kong marketing pilot identifies niche opportunities

Following an open tender in 2017, Tasmanian-based Hansen Orchards was one of the successful service providers chosen to undertake the Pilot marketing activities to drive offshore demand for apples project. Hansen Orchards Marketing Manager Baden Ribbon and Hort Innovation Apple and Pear Marketing Manager Olivia Grey report on the outcomes of the project. Hansen [...]

Managing Climate Risk

The politicians may still be arguing about climate change, but growers are facing the impacts of increasingly erratic climate daily. At the latest round of Future Orchards® walks, AgFirst consultant Steve Spark shared some practical ideas on how to plan for and mitigate the risks associated with climate change. Managing climate risks are probably one [...]

Aussie Apples marketing update

Boosting consumption starts with engaging the consumer. Hort Innovation’s Apple and Pear Marketing Manager Olivia Grey details key target audiences and the strategies underway to encourage them to buy more apples in 2019. Hort Innovation marketing for Aussie Apples has focused on the Get Your Crunch on message. Welcome to the Aussie Apples [...]

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Positive trends for apple and pear sales

Harvest to Home The latest Nielsen Homescan data for Apples and Pears is now available on the Harvest to Home website, with the data revealing some positive trends for both industries. Apples: The value of apple sales for the 52 weeks ending 1 December 2018 grew by +4.7 per cent compared to the prior year. [...]

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Hort industry seeks your say on new strategic direction

Hort Innovation have called out to industry stakeholders to get involved and provide their input on the direction of the new corporate strategy. Under the leadership of CEO Matt Brand, a national roadshow of consultation workshops will kick off in New South Wales at the end of this month, visiting all states and territories, concluding in April. Matt [...]

Apple consumer data now available online

Reports on consumer apple-purchasing behaviour, by volume, and by value, are now available via an online levy-funded dashboard Harvest to Home. Harvest to Home is an analytics tool, developed by global measurement and data analytics company Nielsen Australia, and Hort Innovation, providing insights on market performance and shopper behaviour for a range of industries. Reports are housed [...]

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Project aims to broaden superficial scald prevention toolkit

The project aims to improve awareness of existing options for the prevention of the post harvest disorder superficial scald in apples. Broadening industry options for the prevention of the storage disorder superficial scald in apples and pears is the focus of a new project funded by Hort Innovation using the apple and pear [...]

New agri-tech project aims to help with thinning

While still in its very early stages, a new project aims to develop a system to measure tree canopy and flower density to help growers choose an optimal chemical thinning regime for apple flowers. A new levy-funded project will look at using agricultural robots to measure tree canopy and flower density and deliver a more [...]

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Growing a quality crop with limited water

With growers looking to set up their crop for the coming season with the possibility of limited water, AgFirst’s John Wilton explores ways to grow marketable crops in a dry year; methods that are also relevant if water is not an issue. High quality requires thinning to well-spaced singles. Matching crop load to [...]