Harvest management

Harvest with customer requirements in mind

With harvest approaching, the emphasis in the orchard has to be on how to obtain the best market result for the crop we have managed to produce. The Fuji on the left were chemically thinned with Benzyladenine and consequently had a lighter crop load and better fruit colour than the Fuji on the right, [...]

Best practices around managing harvest labour

Harvest is a busy and stressful time. That is why it is important to implement some good practices when it comes to sourcing and maintaining labour to make this process run as smoothly as possible, rather than have it add to your stress. Planning what labour you need during harvest and building relationships with your [...]

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Post-harvest management for quality

  Harvest is a busy time and with fruit flowing in, weather and prices changing daily and the need to make decisions quickly, it pays to have some background information to help assess the ramifications of those decisions fresh in mind. A considerable amount of levy payer money goes into researching the impact of various [...]

Pedestrian orchards better for workers and growers

Australia is, if not already, very close to being the highest price orchard labour market in the world. Availability of labour seems acceptable at present but many growers are starting to find availability of skilled labour an increasing constraint to future business confidence.   Pickers will be more likely to want to work in [...]

Labour-saving harvest techniques

With harvest in full swing, if not already completed in some regions and for some varieties, it’s timely to look at how orchardists can reduce their labour costs and look at some interesting machines from Europe that can help. A rise in orchard production costs around the world has had a major influence on the [...]

Pre-harvest orchard performance appraisal

By John Wilton Just before harvest is a great time to assess the performance of your orchard management strategy, so there is time to start implementing changes to optimise next season’s crop. I consider that just prior to harvest commencing is a key time to view the orchard and its crop. It is at this [...]

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Improving harvest efficiencies with picking platforms

AgFirst explores where efficiency gains can be made by using picking platforms that can improve picker productivity and reduce picking costs per bin. By Craig Hornblow Harvest is approaching 50 per cent of the labour cost within an orchard and the benefits of reducing this are considerable. Picking platforms have the ability to both improve [...]

Post-harvest orchard management

By John Wilton After this year’s harvest it’s time to get tree nutrition, pruning and branch training right to ensure next season’s crop is a good one. These Cripps Pink trees were spring trained. Note the strong upright shoot growth and poor terminal extension growth. Delaying branch training until the autumn avoids these problems. [...]

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