Government submissions

APAL regularly makes submissions to various levels of government to represent and advocate for the best interests of Australian apple and pear growers. These submissions are shared here. Find out more about APAL’s advocacy work.

ACCC calls for views on collective bargaining

  The ACCC is seeking feedback from growers and industry professionals on their proposal to develop a class exemption that would provide legal protection for businesses to collectively bargain with customers or suppliers without having to apply to the ACCC. This feedback must be submitted by 3 July 2019 at which point the ACCC will make a [...]

APAL Leads Calls for National Netting Program

Record temperatures, devastating storms and drought-related pest infestations have prompted the apple and pear industry to call for a government-subsidised National Netting Program. Led by APAL, state members, federal members, and candidates are being lobbied to: Establish a national netting grant program; Introduce accelerated depreciation for netting; Improved ease and accessibility of low-interest loans; and [...]

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APAL submission on the ‘backpacker’ tax to Senate inquiry

Backpacker tax: APAL has made a submission to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee regarding the Working Holiday Maker Reform package, which sought to address issues raised about the proposed implementation of a higher tax rate for people working in Australia on a Working Holiday Maker visa (417 visa) that backpackers who work in horticulture often travel to Australia [...]

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APAL’s submission on levy payer data

By Annie Farrow APAL has written to Senators to support the current Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Amendment Bill 2016 which would enable research and development corporations like Hort Innovation to establish a register of levy payers (read the full submission). Membership and voting rights for Hort Innovation are determined by the amount of [...]

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APAL’s submission on the Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Amendment Bill 2016

Download APAL's submission on the Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Amendment Bill 2016.

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APAL response to country of origin labelling consultations

APAL has responded to the Commonwealth Government’s proposed response to revise the country of origin labelling framework. Read APAL response to country of origin labeling consultations.

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APAL’s submission: Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis Guidelines

By Annie Farrow The Australian Government  Department of Agriculture and Water Resource has called for input on the draft Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis Guidelines. APAL has responded to the request for feedback on proposed changes to the risk assessment system that is used when overseas countries wish to export their fresh produce to Australia. The proposals contain some good initiatives. [...]

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APAL makes submission to review of the Hort code 2

APAL has made a submission to the review of the Horticulture Code of Conduct to ensure that both parties involved in a transaction have a shared understanding and acceptance of the terms of a trade up-front, before the transaction is made. The main points APAL has raised are in relation to: Transparency between growers and the first [...]

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APAL’s submission to Seasonal Worker Inquiry

View the Final submission to Seasonal Worker inquiry

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APAL submission for the Joint Selection Committee Trade and Investment Growth

APAL submission for the Joint Selection Committee Trade and Investment Growth

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