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Winter Future Orchards® Walk – update

Climatic Events - ways to mitigate climate risk The next round of the Future Orchards® walks in June and July 2019 will focus on mitigation of present and future climate risks. The strategies growers implement are crucial in developing a  resilience, without sacrificing fruit quality and profitability. Australia is experiencing unprecedented climatic events and growers [...]

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Whole-of-chain ‘buy in’ key to brand quality

Growers attending the southern loop Future Orchards® walks heard from Rick Derrey, Director of Horticulture and Grower Relations at T&G Global Limited,Washington State, USA, on how growers are working collaboratively across the supply chain to deliver consistent quality. The recent Apple and Pear Crop Estimate  provides further evidence of the rapid growth in managed varieties in [...]

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Southern Victoria Future Orchards® walk postponed

Notice to growers regarding Future Orchards® walk tomorrow   Over the weekend, you will have seen reports in the media regarding bushfires in the Bunyip State Park area, not far from our planned Future Orchards® walk venue tomorrow. Thankfully, our host Brad Fankhauser has confirmed that he and the property are safe and secure. However, [...]

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Autumn orchard walks update: dates, times, and speakers

The next round of Future Orchards® orchard walks in March and April 2019 will look at achieving optimum quality more consistently using examples from some of the most advanced orchard systems worldwide. Recent rounds have focused on quality and covered the changing orchard production aspects right through to the needs of the consumer. The Autumn [...]

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Growing a quality crop with limited water

With growers looking to set up their crop for the coming season with the possibility of limited water, AgFirst’s John Wilton explores ways to grow marketable crops in a dry year; methods that are also relevant if water is not an issue. High quality requires thinning to well-spaced singles. Matching crop load to [...]

What do packouts tell us about management?

The essential ingredient for increasing low consumer apple consumption in Australia is delivering a high-quality apple. As part of the Hort Innovation-funded Future Orchards® program, AgFirst’s John Wilton helps us to understand the myriad factors – from variety choice and maturity at harvest to storage technique – that affect fruit quality, and explains how growers [...]

Future Orchards walks – Spring 2018

Managing crop load for better fruit quality will be the focus of the Spring 2018 round of Future Orchards® walks to be held in the last two weeks of September. Download the 2018 Spring Future Orchards walk flyer. These walks will continue the focus on production quality begun in June where speakers looked [...]

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Winter management critical for fruit quality

Now the pressure has come off after a busy harvesting season, winter is a great time to review the successes of the season and, more importantly, where you didn’t quite hit the home runs you were after. Once this has been done you can plan a new, improved strategy for next season. As you often hear, “the definition [...]

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Increase light interception for quality gains

Maximising light interception and light distribution in orchards can help growers to maximise yield and quality, according to an international tree fruit expert. Dr Stefano Musacchi, Endowed Chair of Tree Fruit Physiology and Management at Washington State University’s Department of Horticulture, recently visited Australia as part of the Future Orchards® program that is funded by [...]

Pear Masterclass focusses on orchard management

Experts with global experience shared advice about orchard management for quality pears at the Future Orchards® Pear Masterclass last week. Associate Professor Stefano Musacchi, Washington State University. at the Tatura research orchard. About 40 growers travelled to Agriculture Victoria’s Tatura centre and heard from guest speakers including Associate Professor Stefano Musacchi, Washington State [...]

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