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Procurement for beginners

Drowning in a sea of supplier contracts, rising costs and process inefficiencies? Dr Hugo Britt outlines seven reasons why it might be time to hire a procurement professional. Suppliers can help drive innovation. Procurement professionals find, agree terms and acquire goods or services from an external source for organisations. Twenty years ago, the [...]

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AgriFood Tech for growth: five steps to lead the way

This article was originally published on the KPMG website On 1 March 2019. Ben van Delden, KPMG Australia's Head of AgriFood Technology, will be speaking at the APAL Industry Forum this June. The Australian food and agribusiness sector is on the verge of immense growth; with technological innovation being key. Now is the time to seize the opportunities [...]

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New project to deliver Agri-tech solutions

A new levy-funded project will look at using agricultural robots to measure tree canopy and flower density and deliver a more precise, variable spraying solution for apple flower thinning. Led by Queensland-based SwarmFarm Robotics, the Developing Agri-Tech solutions for the Australian apple industry project is tasked with developing a new system to measure tree canopy [...]

Environmental Upgrade Finance, a new initiative

As a property and business owner, you have the opportunity to apply for a new form of finance called an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA). It can help you access capital, free up cash flow, and help you complete projects that give your business long term security and cost savings. Currently available to Victorians in participating [...]

Planning for negotiation

Effective negotiation skills are essential in both our personal and professional lives, it’s critical to know how to prepare and plan for negotiations of any type when growing a successful business, dealing with supply chain partners, multi-tasking and influencing decisions. Where would you sit on a scale of from one to 10 if you were [...]

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Succession planning leads to multi-generational success

Apples have been the fruit of choice for five generations of the Baldwin family – in Tasmania and Victoria. But the way they farm and market their product has changed in response to environmental needs, price points and customer demand. Through good succession planning, the next generation of the Baldwin family have transitioned to [...]

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Funding extended for rural business support service

The Federal Government has committed $20 million in additional funding to extend access to the Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) until June 2020 for farmers suffering financial hardship. The Federal Government has committed $20m to extend access to the Rural Financial Counselling Service until June 2020.  Image: iStock/3D-generator Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Minister [...]

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