Fruit quality and monitoring

What do packouts tell us about management?

The essential ingredient for increasing low consumer apple consumption in Australia is delivering a high-quality apple. As part of the Hort Innovation-funded Future Orchards® program, AgFirst’s John Wilton helps us to understand the myriad factors – from variety choice and maturity at harvest to storage technique – that affect fruit quality, and explains how growers [...]

Increase light interception for quality gains

Maximising light interception and light distribution in orchards can help growers to maximise yield and quality, according to an international tree fruit expert. Dr Stefano Musacchi, Endowed Chair of Tree Fruit Physiology and Management at Washington State University’s Department of Horticulture, recently visited Australia as part of the Future Orchards® program that is funded by [...]

Optimise pruning and fruit quality

Download the following presentation from the Future Orchards® walks winter 2018 series: Optimize pruning and fruit quality in apple orchards, Stefano Musacchi (USA) – Part 1 |  Part 2

Fruit quality for 2019 starts now

The theme the Future Orchards® team will address over the next 12 months is ‘quality’. Quality fruit production requires a long-term plan; it doesn’t just happen at harvest and post-harvest. As this article will be read in the later part of the 2018 harvest, the time is right to start the quality discussion during the [...]

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Harvest with customer requirements in mind

With harvest approaching, the emphasis in the orchard has to be on how to obtain the best market result for the crop we have managed to produce. The Fuji on the left were chemically thinned with Benzyladenine and consequently had a lighter crop load and better fruit colour than the Fuji on the right, [...]

Post-harvest management for quality

  Harvest is a busy time and with fruit flowing in, weather and prices changing daily and the need to make decisions quickly, it pays to have some background information to help assess the ramifications of those decisions fresh in mind. A considerable amount of levy payer money goes into researching the impact of various [...]

Focus Orchard and trial update (Nth Vic & Qld)

A snapshot of the key challenges we are trying to find solutions to on two Focus Orchards in the Goulburn Valley (Victoria) and Stanthorpe (Queensland). Download the report: Focus Orchard and trial update (Northern Victoria and Queensland)

Future Orchards trial report: Nutrition and Pink Lady colour

Download the final report for the Future Orchards® trial: Possible nutrition influence on Pink Lady colour. Region: Stanthorpe, Qld Contact: Stephen Tancred  

Calcium to combat post-harvest disorders

AgFirst’s Dean Rainham outlines some practical management strategies to obtain optimum calcium levels in apple trees because inadequate calcium can result in post-harvest disorders such as bitter pit and blotch. Calcium supports cell wall integrity and, without sufficient calcium, cells become leaky, more prone to disease and can collapse and die. The incidence of bitter [...]

Ethephon, enhancing colour in apples

Ethephon has a range of valuable uses in the orchard, but we need to carefully consider how and when it is used to enhance colour because its use before harvest can affect other fruit quality traits and long-term storage potential. By Angus Crawford Ethephon can be part of your management to improve colour, but [...]

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