Climate change

Snapshot of CSIRO’s report on megatrends

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz You can’t choose whether or not the change happens, but you can control how you react to it. Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, director of the CSIRO Data61 Insight Team, provides a snapshot of the upcoming report “Our Future World” which outlines the megatrends reshaping our global landscape. The concept of 'megatrends' [...]

Managing Climate Risk

The politicians may still be arguing about climate change, but growers are facing the impacts of increasingly erratic climate daily. At the latest round of Future Orchards® walks, AgFirst consultant Steve Spark shared some practical ideas on how to plan for and mitigate the risks associated with climate change. Managing climate risks are probably one [...]

The Effects of Climate Change

High temperatures and extreme weather this season have focused attention on the need to understand the impact of – and how to adapt orchards to - climate change. AgFirst’s John Wilton reviews the latest research on what can be expected as temperatures rise. The events of this summer with its extreme heat during January leave [...]

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Annual Crop Estimate Impacted by Extreme Weather

Unprecedented heat and worsening drought conditions in many growing regions has prompted calls for the annual Apple & Pear Crop Estimate to be downgraded, just weeks after its initial release. Despite early signs of a bumper apple crop (initially predicted to be up more than 8 per cent on last year by the AgFirst and [...]

Project to breed climate-proof apples

This article originally appeared on the Plant and Food Research website. Link. New, superior tasting apples and pears that can thrive in the planet’s increasingly warm climate will soon be available to fruit growers worldwide. T&G Global (formerly Turners & Growers) has joined Plant & Food Research, the Institute of Agriculture and Food Research [...]

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NSW state report – Oct/Nov 2018

Winter across the NSW growing regions was cold and dry. Cold nights and regular frosts ensured adequate chilling, however below average rainfall has meant that many growers started the new season with less than ideal water storage levels. At the time of writing almost 100 per cent of the state is officially drought declared. Current [...]

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Effects of climate change on apple and pear production

Australia’s climate has warmed since 1910 and is likely to continue warming, with more hot days and fewer cold days expected in future, according to State of the Climate, 2016. So how will climate change affect apple and pear production in Australia? In some horticulture industries, like vegetables, decisions relating to new plantings such as [...]

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Historical and future climates for Australian growing regions

Global temperatures have warmed in the past 100 years and this trend is likely to continue. What changes in climate can Australian growers expect in the future? Autumn and winter temperatures have increased in most apple and pear growing regions in Australia. Climate change refers to any long-term trends or shifts in climate [...]

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Website shows winter chill data for your region

A new website ( is providing access to accurate local winter chill data for Australian apple and pear growers, with benefits for in-season orchard management and long-term orchard business planning. A new website helps growers to access and interpret local winter chill data to help with crop management for the current season, as well [...]

Dormancy-breaking sprays for low chill years

By Heidi Parkes, Susie Murphy-White and Sally Bound Researchers are assessing the value of dormancy-breaking sprays to help growers encourage compact and uniform flowering in their apple orchards when it’s just not cold enough for the trees to do it on their own.   The use of dormancy-breaking sprays could help apple and pear growers adapt to warmer years because dormancy breakers can stimulate earlier, more homogenous bud burst [...]

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