Australian Fruitgrower

Australian Fruitgrower – Autumn 2019

CEO Report When I sat down to prepare the CEO’s Report for the March edition of Australian Fruit Grower magazine some six weeks ago, early crop estimates were favourable. Unprecedented heat and drought has since taken its toll on the crop estimate. But regardless of ultimate harvest volume, one thing was made clear to me by [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Dec 2018/Jan 2019

CEO Report The current lack of a tailored visa to deal with the unique challenges faced by horticulture is top of our advocacy priorities. Specifically, we are driving for a more portable, administratively-simple and low-cost visa, which allows smaller growers to access foreign workers, while also ensuring the proper safeguards to protect workers from any [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Oct/Nov 2018

CEO Report APAL has devoted considerable effort to mapping the strengths and challenges facing the apple and pear industry and preparing a strategy to deliver real improvement in value over the five years to 2023. Read more Download the Oct/Nov 2018 edition of Australian Fruitgrower (pdf). Profile Eyeing the [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Aug/Sep 2018

CEO Report It was good to see so many of you at Hort Connections for an interesting few days covering new technology and research and my congratulations go to our APAL Awards for Excellence 2018 recipients. Read more Download the Aug/Sep 2018 edition of Australian Fruitgrower (pdf). Profile New varieties provide [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Jun/Jul 2018

CEO Report At the time of writing this, the harvest is drawing to a close and it is always a welcome relief to get another crop off the trees and safely into storage. It has been a tough year for South Australian growers in particular and it is good to hear that the updated, more [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Apr/May 2018

CEO Report At the time of writing this harvest is well underway, with indications that marketable apple volumes will be lower than in 2017, primarily driven by a reduced Granny Smith crop in the Goulburn Valley and the hail event that has impacted the South Australian crop. Read more Download [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Feb/Mar 2018

CEO Report The Orchard Business Analysis 2016-17 figures show average gross yields have risen again in 2017. This is an excellent improvement and demonstrates what can be achieved by using best practice orcharding techniques, growing production necessitates growing markets. Read more Download the Feb/Mar 2018 edition of Australian Fruitgrower (pdf). [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Dec 2017/Jan 2018

CEO Report When I started in this role, just over 12 months ago, the Board charged me with the responsibility of preparing a new strategy for the organisation. As an organisation, we sought to respond to the opportunities presented by the changing state of play. Read more Download the Dec 2017/Jan 2018 edition of Australian Fruitgrower (pdf). [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Oct/Nov 2017

CEO Report: grower meetings & export goals August and September have been very busy months at APAL once again with lots of activities on the go, including grower meetings in NSW and Victoria and staff overseas representing the industry at Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong; the International Pink Lady Alliance conference, Thailand; and running [...]

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Australian Fruitgrower – Aug/Sep 2017

CEO Report APAL's CEO Phil Turnbull reports on new APAL staff recruitment, Future Orchards® walks and Angus Crawford's study tour to Washington State. Read more Download the Aug/Sep 2017 edition of Australian Fruitgrower (pdf). Profile Smarter control of orchard pests with IPM IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, can [...]

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